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    I read the threads on the missing proximity sensor and its association with using an ear piece. I have not used one yet. I have had my phone about two months. I noticed this week that while talking on the phone (I could hear the audio just fine) I would inadvertently but that speaker in a conference mode with themselves (my ear would dial them again). So, while we were talking, they were getting a call from me. We could not end it, so I have had to hang up and call them back. I realized that the screen was no longer going dark when near my face, thus allowing me to accidentally push buttons on the screen.

    I tried the reset. I also tried the head set jack (one thread mentioned the Pre may believe it is in head set mode, so to plug in, mute, unmute, and then take the head set back out, and thus should rectify.) I have read through most of the posts, but many just say give it back. One post said they were made to pay for a refurb. Why? They rarely work anyway. This seems to be a new bug (I noticed it started happening after an auto update).

    Any suggestions?
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    mine is doing this also...on top of that my phone doesn't let me hear the speaker during calls most of the time now...I have to put it on speaker or I hear nothing. I just realized my screen stays on and pushes buttons with my face. Anyone know what causes this?
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    Isn't there a hardware test option on the Pre? Test the prox sensor and see if it works. The thing is sensitive. Call someone and put your finger over the right upper side of the phone. The screen should turn off.

    If it doesn't, and the hardware comes back anything just take it into Sprint. Sounds like an issue you guys cannot fix.
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    Are either of you using an InvisiShield? Mine was interfering with my prox sensor.
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    My phone was doing the exact same thing. I finally gave in and had a refurb sent to me after dealing with the issue for a month. I have not had any issued with this phone. Sprint needs to address this issue.

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