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    Truly miss voice dialing capability, but I have found that Super Contacts Plus (in app catalogue) kills two birds with one stone.

    First, it's a photo-dialer (set it to only show text for people who don't have a picture, or the text covers the pic)...

    Second, it gives you the ability to group contacts - something else I really miss from my Centro. Make lots of groups, with not too many people in each and you won't have to scroll through a lot. Multiple taps on any picture brings you to different contact numbers (and sms, email options) for each person - and there's a quick launch bar too, as a bonus.

    Not voice dialing, but safer than trying to look someone up, especially while driving - and faster, more convenient in general. Love having my groups back for hard to find numbers where I can't remember the name (who was that guy that drained my septic tank two years ago?? He's listed in the "Trades" group...)

    Go for the Plus version rather than free - more options, unlimited contacts.
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    I considered jumping ship because of the lack of voice dialing, but I reconsidered because of the premium data fee. I then focused on all the attributes of the Pre and I realized that I'm truly happy overall with phone.
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    got the t1...and no it has to have phone voice support for it to no it doesn't work with the palm pre for voice dial.
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    Right, unfortunately. I also got a T1 today, but no go with the voice commands. This contradicts what a Blueant CSR told me over the phone. Probably she imagined that the Pre had builtin voice-dial support. The T1 does not work like the V1, which I understand has its own limited voice-recognition ability.

    The T1 does have some nice features, like audio announcements of the names of incoming callers and battery status. I haven't tested the wind-noise handling yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yelrom View Post
    After a full year of waiting, waiting, waiting . . . I finally bailed on the Palm Pre. I have been a devoted Palm user for over 10 years. I'm sick of promises and excuses - I just could not wait any longer.

    I finally bought the EVO last Friday and it is AWESOME!!! Voice Search, Voice Dialing, Voice Recorder, Voice Navigation; Voice Shopping (you get the idea), cool and USEFUL apps galore, massive screen, and way more than just a smart phone - I think I died and went to Android Heaven! I've been playing with it and discovering great new features for 4 days straight.

    Palm has missed the boat and I decided to abandon ship. ANDROID RULES!!!
    I'm happy for you. I went to the Sprint store yesterday and looked at it. Played with it a little and couldn't get past the size. It's huge. I also knew I'd have a learning curve and I didn't see that much from playing with it for a few minutes. As a Sprint Premier customer, I have the option of changing phones, but voice dialing isn't something that worked great on my previous smart phones.
    What I would like is better bluetooth capabilities. Can you transfer files to your PC or other phones, via bluetooth?
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    I too have been waiting for voice dialing for my PALM PRE PLUS will it ever happen???? I have been looking at the new KIN has anyone bought one yet?? I see it also has a larger key pad for txting and I hear it has voice dialing... ANY THOUGHTS????
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    We are waiting for the mic API so that someone can build a voice dialing app.
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    Guess I will be the troll on this one and I will kick the dead horse. I was watching the android central comparison between vlingo and genius. I used to have a T-Mobile Wing and I remember having the capability to do the simple things. The PALM PRE has a great system that I am completely comfortable with and the updates you would think we could get the API. I continue to keep my fingers crossed, but I have about 3 months where I am up for an upgrade and I may have to move on. I love the capability, but I alsoknow that the "smartphone" must do more and at least be on a par with the other systems. WebOS can get there, they need to move forward just like when we asked for video recording, we received in an update. When we asked for different patches, we received in an update. Now for the last year we have asked for voice command. ..........
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    Would the new Mic API coming this fall add this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TGEPMan View Post
    Thanx much. I'll give em a little while longer before I give up & move on from this phone -extremely disappointed.
    I'm getting ready to move on to a different phone as well. It's crazy that my old TREO had voice dialing and my "new" Pre does not. It's unacceptable.
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    Just a simple FYI....i picked up a Parrot MKi 9100 system off ebay a while back since my car will be around a few years and Im happy with the Pre. couple of points..

    1. parrot voice dial has been amazing...even asks which number if u dont specify.
    2. streams pandora through my car system and is controlled via steering wheel remote.
    3. GPS Navigation commands come via stereo speakers only when needed.
    4. sound quality is excellent even with windows down.
    5. has usb / sd reader ports for MP3 playing
    6. works with ANY bluetooth device and multiple pairings are allowed. ( so any future device will work )

    i know this has nothing to do with Pre lack of feature but for those like me who spend much of the day driving its been a great purchase. Plus i can remove it and use it in my next vehicle. (just need diff adapter)

    ebay has them used around $85 or so.
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    Wow, I was hoping for some good news. It's distressing that the only thing preventing a voice recognition/voice command app is the MIC API. I'm not a developer but you would think that would be a fairly easy thing to write/release.

    For those asking about the Blueant Q1 and convertables, it's no good at highway speeds. I have one and above 30 MPH w/the windows up you are not easily understood. The voice commands are good for peeps who call you frequently but I miss being able to just say a number and have my phone call it.
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    Thanks for the info on the Q1. I guess I'll stick with my Plantronics Voyager Pro, at least until I decide to switch to iPhone (maybe on Verizon).
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    Quote Originally Posted by yelrom View Post
    I got very frustrated with the lack of Voice Command and useful Apps on my Pre. I bought the HTC EVO
    We heard you the first time, the second time, and now the third time morley...

    Three off-topic posts in one thread should be enough to get your point across.

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    My girlfriend's Centro doesn't have Voice Dialing either. Well at least not a free option. I'm hope that 2.0 will allow someone to create a solution on the Pre.
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    If you, like I, have been very frustrated with not having voice dialing feature on this cell 3G smartphone - get BlueAnt V1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset! I just bought one from HSN online - EXCELLENT. I highly recommend to upgrade Palm Pre functionality. Easy to setup/operate and safe for driving. Able to deliver what HP and Verizon couldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yelrom View Post
    I got very frustrated with the lack of Voice Command and useful Apps on my Pre. I bought the HTC EVO on release day last June and have NEVER looked back
    well keep looking back you may be supprised
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