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    This is a great little toy, my first smart phone.
    Is there a way to create a new folder and or rename in the launch area like on a desktop ? (drop and drag)

    Do you have to have a degree to make apps or is there some type of compiler software being used ? (just for fun and games)

    What are the coolest apps you found out there ?
    ie magic eightball, breakout

    anyway, hi
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    well, I managed to answer my own question...
    in the webosquickinstall.jar I found tweaks....
    I was able to add a page to the launch area.
    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    check the date, its been a while..(nobody posted either)
    but thats ok, this is my journal

    I have since found out the only on my router will it play all those videos that it wont play through sprint... how embarrasing to learn that in public.

    It will record video... Its not a mythe, I have seen it.
    they are still working out the kinks.

    "They" found a way to terminal access through an app.
    Great, now I have to learn how to talk to unix/linux/whatever.
    ls -a dir cd.. is all I know presently.

    this palm pre bounced of the ground only a handful of times.
    they said the weak link to this phone would be its slide mechanics.
    they may be right as it has loosened up a bit.

    I have remotewin launchpoint a fishtank and animal sounds apps so far. The LATEST Preware FAILS to give me a working CURRENT VERSION of webosquickinstall.jar I get errors that say 2 out of 3 hunks failed, when I am tweaking... I need to add launch folders, be neat if I can custom name them along the top too !
    The Pandora radio app keeps me going though, but I have an inverter and a guitar amp running in my truck and keep the pre plugged in all the time. If you cant keep the pre plugged in to external power, forget about it.
    oh, and the free sprint navigation app is good in a pinch if my old gps doesnt find it. enough about sprint.

    I will keep you posted as time goes... maybe post links to the above mentioned. I will keep me posted as time goes... maybe post links to the above mentioned.
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    the apps I find useful are pandora,slacker radio,music wave lite, the 3d games,battery monitor,precentral app..well I have too many to name haha..there is a patch in preware that allows you to name your launcher pages...mines are HOME/favorites, GAMES,MEDIA,WEB APPS, FUN APPS/misc apps, SYSTEM PREF...make sure you have webos quickinstall 3.0 and above
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    also...yes homebrew have made a precorder app...and it's very nice quality. But the next update 1.4 will have the official palm video recording app. With video editing. Rumored to release today
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    today, I see it updateing preware and service manager.. (as we speak)

    seems like checking for updates will become a favorite pasttime with the pre..
    I read that they camera is not suitable for a barcode scanner because it lacks macro or auto focus.. but that some are saying the auto focus could be fixed via software. Also one person mentions that as a developer, he is waiting for some other things to happen with the webos, and that he feels its not lacking in the camera department..
    My friends with iphones do all kinds of cool stuff, today they (ATT) sent an upgrade that lets him now SLINGBOX his dvr... I am happy for him as he now has his living room in his hand. He's been waiting for that for weeks.
    The app alone cost him about 40 bucks.
    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?

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