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    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the Thumbnail that is displayed for the video files from the default one to a frame from the Movie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scstock View Post
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the Thumbnail that is displayed for the video files from the default one to a frame from the Movie?
    Answered my own question when a bit more searching unearthed this thread
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    I want to put a movie or TV ep on my pre but I haven't figured out how...can anyone dumb it down for me on to do that? I'm on verizon. Where can I buy onlne a digital copy or something like that then put it on my phone? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Great! Thanks so much for the tips to converting video. It's got to be a helping hand.
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    You guys say you've had success with using Handbrake to put videos on your Pre. Do you mean converting straight from DVD? I tried Handbrake but had no success. Where does DRM come into this. Could someone please walk me through with Handbrake?
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    I've noticed that videora is just for the Palm Pre only. I downloaded the Sprint pixi version and pixi plus version and they still said Palm Pre. Even when I went to the settings, the only sleecable profile was
    "Palm Pre".
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    I have been using Kinoma Producer to make .MP4 files since my Palm Tungsten days. I rip a disk using Pocket DVD Studio, then I convert it to MP4 with Kinoma. The problem is, several files I have converted won't play on the Pre. Those same files will play on the PC and they will play on my old Treo, but on the Pre it just spins the circle for a long time and then gives me a playback error message.

    I can't seem to find a coorelation between which converted files will play and which won't, but I never change the settings in Kinoma or Studio, so it doesn't make sense to me why this happens. Also, if a ripped/converted file doesn't work, if I rip and convert the same movie again, it still doesn't work. Then I rip and convert another movie the exact same way, and it plays no problem.

    Kinda' driving me crazy with this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalSijen View Post
    I don't believe there are any file size restrictions. However, I would recommend you download Handbrake and then use the iPod Touch / iPhone preset to transcode the file. It's free and works really well.
    Really this is very nice. Thanks for sharing this. I like this application very much. I used this application and it is really working very nice. I Converted the format very well Now I am planning to Download Anonymous and will see this movie after conversion on my Ipod.
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    Okay. Just got a new Palm Pixi, and this thread was very helpful to get my videos on it. I did, however, run into a few problems, one of which I've come to ask for help with.

    Well, first of all, I have to say that the only converter I found that works for me (due to being the only one that accounted for subtitles coded into the video) is Handbrake, so that's what I'm using as a converter.

    But, it seems that the resolution or somesuch isn't quite right. I'm losing a number of pixels off the side of the screen. The converted video, played in VLC on my computer, looks just fine, but on the Pixi, I miss enough that a long line can push words from the subtitles off the screen in both directions. Converting it to a smaller resolution has no effect on the problem.

    If anybody knows any way to change the settings on either the Pixi or Handbrake to account for this, I'd be grateful. It's not a debilitating problem, since I can guess at the missing words well enough and the action mostly happens mid-screen anyways, but it's still an annoyance.
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    I've used handbrake for years to put movies on my old TX to .avi. I thought I'd have to re-rip those movies to get them into a format that the Pixie could read, but the current version of Handbrake did a straight conversion using the default settings for iPod Touch.

    I do wish the settings for the touch wouldn't result in such a big crop though. It doesn't use the margins at the top and bottom. Tried to change these settings but could not.
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