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    my Videora no longe works.....have no idea why.... i tried it today and i no longer have the red sliders available to make changes to the video settings....

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    I use AnyDVD(breaks DRM) and then CloneDVDMobile............costs but is well worth the price and easy to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc74 View Post
    I use AnyDVD(breaks DRM) and then CloneDVDMobile............costs but is well worth the price and easy to use.
    Does AnyDVD break the DRM on itunes purchased videos(specifially TV shows)?

    I have all my Curb Your Enthusiasm from itunes and have not been sucessful yet at getting them to convert to play on my Pre

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    Come on developers!?! My old centro would play almost anything I through at it with tcpmp on board. I mean any size and almost any format. No convert no playing around. Why is it this phone has been out for almost 8 months and no program that can play multi formats/size? I wish I had the program power to come up with something.
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    I use 1Click DvDToIpod which is the same movie conversion program I use with my Touch. It comes with a decryptor(CPRX)to remove DRM but I also have AnyDvd by Slysoft. I added KungFu Hustle and John Carpenter's The Thing to my Pre and they play beautifully. I kept the quality of both at about 70% KFH is about 800MB in size and converted in about 20 minutes or less.
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    I just put my first movie on the pre and worked like a charm: dvd43 to remove copyright, and Handbrake...mp4 format, and Star Trek works great. Only a little over 700mb. This combo has worked in the past for my Dare as well.

    Now, if dvd43 would only have a 32-bit version, I could use it on my laptop.
    This forum has some great info and am glad I stumbled upon it!
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    Is there a way to get a thumbnail for a file in the video app? I've been importing the file into iTunes, adding the art then putting the file on the Pre.

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    Guess that thread should become more popular as new video hit the web and you tube! Will be fun to be able to participate.
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    Does anyone know if there is a send to your youtube account in the record video app?
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    As you can see, i'm still waiting and impatient to be able to use 1.4 on my Bell Pre!
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    can somebody please make an app for playing any files!!!
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    PLZ Make 1! CorePlayer, how I miss thee!
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    with today's announcement of doubletwist, I think that's probably the easiest way to sync your video with your phone. I just dumped a hidef video in "My Videos" folder in windows and sync'ed with the phone. It automatically converted it to the right size for the Pre and played beautifully....
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    for me, doubletwist is simply too slow with regard to conversion speeds, but especially talking about the UI.

    Videora used to be quite good, but I'm having problems with it, too, now. No longer works. Some bug in the latest version I guess.
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    Does it matter what version of Videora...iPod, iPod Touch, etc???
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    hey guys ! any idea how to activate web cam on Palm Pre? is it possible in general?
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    i second this. i've been using handbrake to make mp4's for my treo for years. i make a to-do reminder after the video is watched so i can remember to remove the movie file when i'm near my computer. otherwise its not too many flicks away to crash-from-no-memory hell. yes, learned the hard way
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    i think that would require flash. my daughter tried to go to her audio chat room on the pre and it told us flash was required. soooooooon i will be able to take my teen anywhere at any time without having to beat her first, lol, because she lives for her chat sessions with her geek-squad of rpg,artist,manga,anime,happy tree friends,gaia following.

    man do i dream of THAT day....ahhhhhhhhhh
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    i just usb-drive my phone to the computer and drag photos to the DCIM folder on the Pre. wouldn't that work for video as well? without any third party software to contend with (and no update screwed up syncing again argghs) it would be an easy routine to get into. or email them to yourself and then download attachments. this is more tedious than drag n drop to me though. also you know the file is there if you're on your way to_________ and need that file. i've had emails not show for hours sometimes.....
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    I don't believe there are any file size restrictions. However, I would recommend you download Handbrake and then use the iPod Touch / iPhone preset to transcode the file. It's free and works really well.
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