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    the phone is "capable" of playing other formats... its just a matter of an application being developed that supports them
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    Lack of wmp really sux! There's soo many streaming wmp sites that don't work on the Pre. I agree that a port of VLC would be awesome...
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    What do you mean the video support is adequate?

    Well, like I said, I could just be me. Frankly, 1 container format and one codec, provided that they are capable of making good use of the hardware, is all i want from a video player.

    Regardless of what player you're using, you always get the best video by transcoding the video you want to play first, so that it matches the native resolution of your player, and is stored at the optimum bitrate for smooth good looking video.

    So, I always do that.

    If I'm going to transcode everything for my device before I put it on the device to play it, why on earth would I care how many codecs and containers it supported?

    Like I said, I know I'm probably a minority on the subject, and if you want a player that can play any video you throw at it, I'm sure one will come along.
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    +1 about the 2 hrs thing.. I converted an MKV to MP4 using Missing Sync for Pre, and it took well over 2 hrs for the file to convert, but it converted really nicely and it looked great. WOO WOO!
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    I download movies from use to download .avi's for my centro (using TCPMP) I just download the Ipod format(mp4), which is a dollar cheaper per movie and only about 300-500mb per movie and they play great...I used the freeware "Any Video Converter" to convert the .avi's I had to mp4's and they work great as well....I did have trouble with one movie but I was using a different converter...the movie would convert but I would get a error message after 1-2 seconds of playback and then the movie would quit....when I switched to AVC converter the movie worked perfectly.
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    Learned about no avi's the hard way thanks for this.
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    I was at work and just found this thread. I use Cucusoft to convert movies to mp4 format. Has anyone here used Cucusoft converted movies on the Pre? I am going on a trip and I just thought of doing this as I just uploaded a video to my daughters Nano video.
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    Just wanted to add that I use FFmpeg and it works very well. There are clients for Windows, Linux and Mac. I currently use WinFF for Windows with the preset for Ipod coversions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    Lack of wmp really sux! There's soo many streaming wmp sites that don't work on the Pre. I agree that a port of VLC would be awesome...
    that would be VICIOUS
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    If you can afford to shell out the $60 for Cucusoft, it's definitely worth it. Not only is it quick, but it's also very user friendly. By far the best program I've used to convert video files into a file version that's pre-friendly. Simply choose the iphone (480x320) MPEG-4 Movie format and the program will do all the work.

    Simple, easy, and you also get a preview of what you're converting!
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    I always used virtualdub when i converted video for my palm T5. The capabilities of it is like professional video encoding all sorts of filters and options you can use to make the video look spectacular for the small bitrates needed to playback on the mobile devices. Though the pre is capable of at least 2-3 times the bitrate of the T5 so not as much filtering and such would need to be done to encode with it. It only took about 10 minutes to do a 1/2 of video using the filters and such I used to encode for the T5 and the video was superb.
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    the post is great. hope to see it sooner.
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    The latest version of real player has a converter. Just open the converter, drag your movie over and chose the iphone codec. Seemed to run reasonably fast and did a good job converting the files over from .avi.

    I tried the codec specific to the Pre, but it crunched the movie from side to side, kind of like they used to do to the credits for old movies on television where they took the whole widescreen scene smashed it so it would fit on a standard aspect TV.
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    Just my 2 cents. I've used Xilisoft's HD Video Converter 5 for a while converting videos for my xbox 360. It also does a great job converting videos for the Pre using the iPhone profile. Thanks for the info here. I downloaded handbrake for converting when I'm at my office.
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    I was hoping not to transcode again, but the only Handbrake preset I've gotten to play on my phone is the iphone one. The Apple TV settings are the same for video, with the added AC3, and they won't play.
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    I can play mp4 movies that I have made with handbrake! There are differences with.mp4 that is just the extension! You can use different codecs and all get .avi or .mp4 or .m4p I use H.264 and make *.mp4 files that play just fine! I also have a few with *.m4p (forgot to change extension I wanted) so there is more to think of than just is it *.mp4! Here is the container (codecs used) & the exyension ie:.mp4 , .avi . downlod handbrake read the help files they are great!
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    I have also used FFmpeg for other projects, but have not tried it for the pre. What settings did you use? I know that there is a lot of options to pick from.
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    videos look great on the pre using realplayersp
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    I've used realplayersp to put a video on my pre it cut the video short for some reason even though it says it's complete. Any ideas on what's wrong?
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    If the Real Player SP is designed to work with the Pre I don't see how. All I get is a player no conversion option at all. So far I haven't found any of the ones mentioned easy to use.
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