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    This is a HOW TO for all those people who keep posting asking about how to remove patches (or tweaks).

    If you used ONLY webOS quick install to modify your Pre, then just open the tweaks menu and uncheck all the boxes you checked. If you installed the virtual keyboard, it can be remove via WebOS quick install also. Click the third button on the right and select "WebOS-Internals Feed (All)" and uncheck the box next to virtual keyboard. You can also use Preware to uninstall the virtual keyboard if you have it installed.

    If you used the method on this page to apply patches to your Pre, this thread is for you.

    First off, login to your Pre using SSH (Putty, or whatever SSH client you prefer) or novaterm

    Second, make sure you're in the root directory of your device. Then use quilt to restore your OS files back to their previous state.

    sudo mount -o remount,rw / (Make file system writable)
    cd / (Always make sure you're in the root directory before adding or removing patches)
    quilt pop -a (Remove all patches)
    sudo mount -o remount,ro / (Make file system read only)

    If you get any errors post back here, but this should restore the files back to normal.
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    sorry i tried that but i get this message
    Patch /opt/src/patches/message-bundle+orientation.patch needs to be refreshed first.
    mind you i'm new to this so i'm at a loss
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    Quote Originally Posted by icarus-pre View Post
    sorry i tried that but i get this message
    Patch /opt/src/patches/message-bundle+orientation.patch needs to be refreshed first.
    mind you i'm new to this so i'm at a loss
    just type quilt refresh

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    ok will try
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    ok looks like it worked, it showed that it was refreshed so thank you very much.....but i hope you don't mind if i continue to ask questions
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    hey how would i get ahold of a previos version of webos so i can remove my tweaks? thanks for the help.
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    Honestly, i don't think that the update will damage or brick your phone when you update with patches still on your phone.....I had all my patches (even virtual keyboard), and the update still went fine. All the update did was to just override the stuffs.
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    hmm okay i guess ill just try to update then and if anything happens i guess ill wipe it, cause getting an older version of webos quick install seems to be difficult.
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    Trust me, your phone will not brick!..that is one of the reasons i'm in love with WebOS. It almost eliminates the term "bricking", unless you started venturing to core files you had no business going into.
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    nope i dont venture into anything im not supposed to be in, haha.
    well anyway, umm, so a few days ago my friend reset my phone and my palm profile didnt recover any of my contacts, haha.. so i went to upload them from my old instinct today, and im trying to apply the 4x4 icon patch and it tells me it cant find the chunk doesnt match the target.. i think its cause i use an older version to apply patches and never used it to remove them..
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    cant get the tweaks to work in quick install keeps giving me error code...please help
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    I had downloaded some patches and then my phone said I could update. So I did and now all of my patches are gone! I redownloaded WebOs thing but it wont let me download the ones I already had! It says error: ipkg file...idk what to do! PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I MIIS MY WIRTUAL KEYBOARD AND LANDSCAPE MODE!

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