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    So this happened last week sometime, I have not been able to go to a sprint store, because I work alot....but has anyone had this happen?

    I'm pretty much wonderin can they just replace the speaker? I have so much on my pre, I don't wanna have to get it all back on a new pre, and I have my phantom skin.

    I listen to alot of music, but I'll have my head phones on, also it dosnt even ring much cause I keep it on silent cause I'm at work alot.

    I'm guessing they can't just replace the speaker but I figured here would be a good place to ask
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    nope, but you have 30 days (unless you have the extended warrantee) from when you bought it before it's between you and Palm
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    No more speaker it just died yesterday
    Having fun
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    I have replaced 2 phones because of this. I just took it to a sprint store and explained what was wrong ad they replaced both of them no wuestions asked. Also, I'm outside of my 30 day period and they still replaced it no hassle because it is a hardware dealing with palm necessary...but I don't think they can just fix the speaker they aren't allowed to.
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    Same here, mine blew out Thursday, store looked at it Friday, and ordered a new one, should be here Tuesday. Mine was way past the 30 days.

    Wow; quite a few to go at the same time frame, seems kind of odd...

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    Seems that I have the same problem. The speaker phone and any other external sounds are low volume and crackle. I can not hear it ring from more than two feet way.

    I called and emailed sprint and the were as unhelpful as always. I keep hearing about people exchanging phones without any problems with this issue but is there some detailed information from palm or sprint that I can print out and wave in their face?

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    Same issue, speaker slowly died after long jaunts of playing rather loud vinyl rips of music.

    If sprint doesn't want to help, or if you're outside the 30 days, contact Palm directly. The device has a 1yr warranty that should cover this.

    As far as your content, I know you can back-up messaging history, pictures, music, etc to your computer. But as far as I know, you'll lose your installed apps.

    I dont know if there is a way to clone the files (to include apps) in such a way to replicate the current 'state' of the phone prior to replacement. Would make a decent app tho, wouldnt it? A full back-up of the phone, with the ability to install all of it back to the phone..
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    I have never used the speaker for anything other than the speaker phone. This definately seems like a known issue and I would still like to find some documentation of that to take to sprint. Sure would be a lot easier than going thru Palm

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    My regular phone speaker stopped working, no crackle or any sound, but my speaker phone still worked. I was within 30 days so I returned it.
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    i had 2 phones replaced because of this i noticed that there were alot of metal filings attched to the apeaker so when i got the newest phone i put a piece of tissue paper over the speaker under the cover and knock on wood i havent had a problem and i have had thie one for a while now
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    im on my 5th pre ...speaker screen doesnt catch everything im a welder and the metal shavings collect on top of the speaker i replaced my third phones speaker with a samsung instinct speaker and screen and didnt have anymore problems with it but yeah now i keep a peice of tape over it
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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelwatts View Post
    im on my 5th pre ...speaker screen doesnt catch everything im a welder and the metal shavings collect on top of the speaker i replaced my third phones speaker with a samsung instinct speaker and screen and didnt have anymore problems with it but yeah now i keep a peice of tape over it
    am on my third palm Pre cant say I dont love the phone but the speaker is driving me nuts. Does putting tape over it effect the sound quality that noticeably that you cant use it for music?
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    Are you guys breaking in the speakers?

    I know when you get new headphones they say to not put up the volume all the way. Put it half way for about 4 hours (I think) and then gradually spend an hour until it's at its loudest.

    I had bought a Palm Pre from eBay and it had a busted speaker. I'm waiting at the Sprint store right now to see what they will do.
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    I went to the Sprint Repair store and showed them the problem. They ordered me a replacement. =)

    I'll see if breaking in the speakers works for it better. It does make the quality for normal headphones a lot better, so I'm expecting the same for the Pre.
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    i've never heard of breaking in headphones...i think the company making the headphones should break them in for you before they ship them out...but im going onto my 3 pre now because of the speaker...
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    My Pre's Speaker is blown! its been that way for awhile... but just the other day I noticed that my earpiece speaker is blown too!

    Im so mad! I can hardly even hear people when Im talking to them!
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    On my 4th Pre because of blown speakers. Sprint said Palm won't allow them to replace the speakers so they keep giving me replacement phones. This is the only problem I've had with my Pre. I love the phone but they need to do something about this issue. They were issuing Pre's where I work but after several people had the same problem with the speaker they are now replacing the Pre's with Hero's.
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    Yup Yup... On my 5th Pre for blown speaker. I tried to get another kind of phone from sprint and no go.Pretty much I give each Pre speaker 1 month of life then I get another Pre. Starting to wonder whats up Palm?? Not rocket science....or is it
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    On Pre #5 due to the speaker issue- I am a machinist and have issues with the speaker attracting shavings. I have NEVER had this issue with any other phone I have owned. My brother, who has had his iphone for 2 years or so never has this issue. I have triee several tricks to try to prevent this from happening (tissue paper, speaker grill, etc...) nothing has worked. This is a starting to be a real pain-
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    This is weird. I have yet to see my Pre go out. I have had it for two months now.

    How often does everyone use the speaker?
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