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    oh and one other thing if anyone actually goes through with it make sure the plastic tab you pull to remove the battery isn't trapped before you secure all the screws
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    curious as to how many of you with blown speakers use the touchstone dock? I've heard from a Sprint employee that the magnets in the speaker can conflict with the touchstone and blow the speaker.
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    Add mine to the list of people who have blown speakers.

    The only way I've charged mine for the last month was through my touchstone. :@
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    my pre's speaker, bless it's lack of soul, is staeting to crackle. My guess is that it's from saw dust. I have construction class but this will be my last time taking it. That being said i'll take it into a sprint store and have them look at it once school is out. This way it won't happen again.
    Palm is ferret approved.
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    I had this happen too and that is the only reason I'm on my second Pre.
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    I have had 4 replacements due to external speaker or external/earpiece combo going bad. I am in a shop where I weld, grind, plasma etc... there is metal in the air and sticks to any magnets. I have been putting my Pre in a "snack" sized Ziploc bag every morning and take it out after I get home and change clothes. This one has lasted months instead of just weeks or days as the others did before I started this practice.

    Another thing some of you can try... Take a VERY strong magnet (I have a few rare earth magnets around) and swipe it over the speaker with the back cover removed. If you get metal dust/shavings out you know what the problem is. I have had my speaker get quiet and then used the magnet cleaning method to restore it to normal.

    Lastly, when I returned my Pre to the Sprint Service Store they REPLACED the headphone jack, internal and external speakers all in about 20 minutes. The guy said they just released parts to repair them instead of replacing with refurbs. I would have rather gotten a refurb since I have a nasty scratch on the screen but I was glad that I didn't get another one with worse problems.

    Hope that helps.
    -- Kevin
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    Quote Originally Posted by WAJKazoo View Post
    Sprint said Palm won't allow them to replace the speakers so they keep giving me replacement phones.
    My speaker has blown, and I was hoping to get a whole new/refurbished phone when I took it in, but instead, they just replaced the speaker...My phone was scratched up really bad at the time, but I just took it in a couple days ago with a discoloration on the screen, and they replaced the whole top cover and screen so it's all good.
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    i have had 4 phones replaced for the speaker issue. i am on my 5th which i use the touchstone to charge next to my bed at night. I have not been using the alarm on the newest phone and i have not had any speaker issues until the day i set the alarm. the first time that i can remember using the alarm while on the touchstone the speaker blew... i am almost positive that the touchstone is causing the speaker failure no matter... im thru with the pre sadly it was a good phone all except for the speaker problem. i will be getting the EVO when i go to the sprint store. it is good to be a preferred customer and get the upgrade each year. farewell PRE!!!
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    It's not just the touchstone. I've never used touchstone at all and mine blew. I think it was from dropping it.
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    it's is from dropping it. Pre don't like to fall. It's blows the speaker 90% of the time.
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    I have a release day sprint pre, and the speaker blew about a month ago. The sorint repair store fixed it for free with used parts, although they told me if they had to order a part it would have cost me $100. I have no insurance. I've been using the touchstone and alarm since day 1. My system sound volume is set to maximum. Perhaps all the notification, charging, ringing, and alarms over a 1 year period exceeds the fatigue life of the speaker system.
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    I am on Pre #3. I don't use the touchstone, and I don't drop mine, but I do work in a shop sometimes and have found a few metal filings clinging to the speaker. I will try the tissue paper technique this time around.
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    I'm going on Pre #3 right now due to the external speaker blowing and I have never dropped or used the touchstone on all of the phones. Poor quality speaker is to blame which is pretty evident by the growing number of people having the same issue!
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