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    I must really be missing something! how do I download the WebOS QuickInstall program? Where do you get it from? I know this must be simple, but I just have no idea. Please help!!!
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    There's no download link on the Pre Central page. Did the guy take it down?? The underscored "WebOS Quick Install 2.01" is not a link. Help!!
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    You can find it at the bottom of his posting under "Attached File"
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    yeah ive been trying to download quickinstall and havent been able too
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    i keep getting an error pg pop up saying i dont have the file for java what should i do????? need help
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    WebOS Quick Install is just a file you download to your computer. When you go to this thread:

    and click Download Here, you just save the file to a folder on your computer. You don't need any java to save the file. Of course, if you try to run the file and it says you don't have java, go to and download it.
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    Just like you need MSWord to open a .doc type file, you need java to open/run a .jar type file (which Quick Install is).


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