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    Welcome to PreCentral! is the #1 Palm Pre community!
    With over 300,000 members and two million posts, is the place to discuss, learn and explore all things Pre! Here you will find the PreCentral Store, Blog, Reviews, and PreGuide.
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    FAQs, Tips, Information, and Resources
    The Tips, Information, and Resources forum address many of the most commonly asked questions:
    -Newbie Guide
    -Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes
    -Stuck In Headset Mode? No Earpiece or Back Speaker Sound? [FIX]
    -Free Ringtones
    -Backup Your Pre or Pixi
    -Extend Battery Life
    -Videos & Movies Tricks
    -GPS Troubleshooting
    -General Tips & Tricks
    -Find Everything at PreCentral
    -Faster EVDO Data Connection
    -Posting Tips & Tricks
    -Forum Guidelines

    Forums offers a variety of Forums. Here are some of the most popular:
    -Palm Pre and Pixi - General Chat that does not fit into any of the other forums.
    -Homebrew Apps - Download programs and discuss in the forums. (See Getting Started)
    -Patches - Add hundreds of features to your phone. (See Getting Started)
    -Themes - Let you customize your phone for your team, band, brand, etc. (See Getting Started)
    -webOS Development - PreCentral members are working on dozens of amazing collaborations. Come take a look or join in.

    New Posts
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    -Foum Guidelines - PreCentral is family friendly and does not allow profanity, name-calling, insults, spam, or references to sex, violence, politics, race, etc. See the Forum Guidelines for details. Click the button under a user's name to report a post.
    -Posting Tips - Shows you how to add links, special characters, and features.

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