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    I was just curious why my palm pre restarted randomly today, it was in LOCK mode and the phone just suddenly restarted out of the blue, how do i fix this so it doesnt happen in the future? or is it a common bug on the palm pre
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    I fixed this behavior on mine by putting a small piece of folded paper at the top of the battery to tighten the battery very slightly. There are MANY threads on this, but they usually mention rebooting when the slider is closed. I found the behavior happened multiple times a day while just sitting on my desk. The battery-tightening piece of paper did the trick for me.

    Apparently Palm makes a new, slightly different shaped battery, and I even read an article about how Palm seems to be adding a small foam pad at the top of the battery compartment on newer phones, to make batteries fit more snugly.

    Hope that helps.
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    I was just in the store yesterday cause mine was doing the same thing, evidently the factory battery is a tiny bit too small and so when the phone is jolted at all it will reboot. You can just go into a sprint store and they will get you the new one. That's what I did and I haven't had anymore problems.
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    Brilliant! Thanks for the thread. This is also happening on the Palm Pre Plus for AT&T.

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