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    I had the same problem and I believe I fixed it at least it works now. Mine was gonked up from pocket dust and crap like that so I lined my head phone's plug with a little WD-40 and twisted it in the jack. Did that twice and now it works. Just remember use a small amount. Now before anyone jumps me for using WD-40 in a phone, just know that one of the main uses for the stuff is to clean electronic devices. Its not the first time I have used it on a circuit board, of sorts, and it wont be the last. Hope this helps.
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    Palm Support : Can't hear audio through Treo smartphone's speaker or headset

    Cleaning the audio jack is something that helped my Pre;I used a Q-tip (cotton-tipped swab.)
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    I have had that happen and just tap the phone on my hand and it works. Also you could boot the phone down and use electronics cleaner instead of WD-40. The box stores and the shack carry it. Good to have around the house anyways for your DVD/CD units and the fans for computers. No not the

    Remember what ever you do Power the phone down and wait a mommet for it to dry before booting phone on.
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    I have had the same issue and I have been doing the 'fixes' for weeks and grew very tired of it happening in the middle of phone calls or missing calls because of it. Took it into my sprint store today and they are going to replace the phone, I was told it is a bad chip and not the earphone jack. All in all the phone is pretty good but I would rather have an android and tried to swap it to no avail. Called customer service and they offered me $20 off my monthly bill since they will not let me switch phones (without a hefty price) to keep me from going to verizon. The regulatory fee is my way out of the contract so I am debating. I have been pretty frustrated with the memory limit on apps you can have, the integration of contacts is shotty (palm contact, google contact and getting them to show up in navigation.. I hate having to enter contacts twice). Let alone the lack of quality apps, calendar problems, etc... Sorry for the rant but if you are having this problem take the phone back and get a new one, no charge (I hope it is new and not a refurb, that may push me over the edge).
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    I have now been through my 5th pre because the speaker stops working. My question is , am i the only one with this problam?
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    Unfortunately no, and sadly, the external speaker and headphone jack both seem to be the weakest link the Pre design. I'd only be on my 2nd phone, and still have a Pre instead of moving on, if it weren't for both of those parts being so bad.
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    on my 5th refurb, 3rd because of the speaker
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    Never had the speaker problem. Headphone jack (wired headset mode issue) is the problem I did see in my other Pre.
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    6 months, 3 pre's in my family plan, no problems, no issues, guess I'm lucky.
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    I had problems with the headjack problem where my pre would think its in a headset mode. But the latest update seems to have fixed it.
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    Yes, I am on my 4th Pre because of speaker problems. I have had the external speaker get staticy then went out completely. I then lost the earpiece speaker and had to use a bluetooth headset or earbuds to talk on the phone at all.
    After going through the 3rd one I did a little detective work and found that it was getting metal dust inside the speaker from my job. I do a lot of welding and grinding on some days and the metal is sometimes in the air. I bought a package of Glad "snack-size zipper bags and put my phone into one every morning. Then after getting home I take it back out. I have had the last one for several months without having the speaker issues. I periodically take a super-strong, rare-earth magnet and place it over the speaker after removing the cover. Sometimes I get a bit of metal dust out of it. I think others may have the same issue.

    Does your job involve metal at all? Just a theory I have come up with since this is sort of isolated. When I returned my phone last time they didn't seem surprised when I said the speaker was shot. The girl said "are we replacing Pre's with bad speakers?" and they just said, "yes give him a refurbished one"

    Hope that helps,
    -- itZme
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    I wanted to weigh in with my thoughts on the Pre headphone jack issue, and to see if there is any common thread in the issues everyone has experienced.
    I returned my first Pre as it got stuck in 'headphone mode' where the external speaker would not work, nor would the earpiece/proximity sensor would work when on a call...I had to use speakerphone mode when on a call and could not hear anything playing out of the built in speaker (except calls on speaker mode and system sounds like swiping away a card).

    My second Pre has been having the same issue, even after the 1.31 update. So I wanted to share what I have seen with this issue in hopes it will help others, or gives someone something to go on to figure out why this is happening. I have not returned my second Pre, as it does not seem to be an issue with the phone(I think), but with the software.

    It seems to happen when I am listening to Pandora. I notice that it happens when I unplug the cable going from my Pre to my car stereo while Pandora is running or the phone screen is asleep. For example, one day my Pre was on my touchstone in the car plugged in to the stereo. I had to accelerate quickly to get into traffic and the touchstone with my Pre went flying. During the brief flight across the car, the headphone cable came unplugged, and I fished my Pre out of the floorboard and plugged it back. Pandora went right on playing, but when I got to work and unplugged everything, it would not recognize that there were no longer headphones plugged in. Another time it happened, I closed down Pandora, but on the main screen instead of showing the Sprint context pulldown menu in the top left, it still had Pandora. I unplugged the cable, and bam, no external speaker or no handset during calls.

    I have seen several posts regarding this on the forums with a variety of fixes that have worked for people...calling your voicemail with headphones plugged in and switch to ringer and then back to vibrate, and then unplug the headphones, using a Q-tip with the cotton removed to clean the headset jack, rebooting, etc. However, the only method that works for me each time is to plug back in the headphone cable, start back up Pandora and quickly remove the headphones and plug them back in. If I see Pandora pause, then I know I am good. It may take a couple of times before it works, but once it does, I am good for a while. Until I unplug again before Pandora has completely shut down, although I have gotten very good at being careful not to do this.

    So my questions for everyone who is also having this issue are these:
    1. When does this happen to you? Is it just while using Pandora? Or is it any application that plays something out of the speakers (music player, YouTube, Sprint TV, telephone call, GPS, etc.)? Has it ever happened when nothing was running?
    2. What has fixed it in the past? (one of the methods above, something else, or nothing fixed it other than returning your Pre)
    3. How often does it happen?

    Sorry for the long winded post, just hoping to get more information on this problem. I have a suspicion it is a software issue, but don't want to jump to conclusions. Since I have only had it happen with Pandora, I am curious if that is the culprit, or if it is a bug in the OS. Or maybe it is a issue with the jack itself, but it seems that if something is going to be a weak link in a new phone, it would not be something as mundane and as common as a lowly headset jack...they have been in devices since the walkman.
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    I'm off to Sprint tomorrow for issues with both.
    I use the headphone jack for music(remix) I use the q-tip method to get it to work again.
    the speaker issue is a new one to me (4th pre)
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    It's a hardware issue not speaker jack issue! I just hung up with Sprint, and they are shipping me a new one at no cost. I would have been able to walk into a Sprint store and get a replacement there, but live over a 100 miles from one! Glad this will be resolved! I hope it's not a refurb! Will update after receiving!
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    let me preface this by saying I'm a pre lover, not a hater.

    that said, YES, I'm having trouble with the fricking earphone jack.

    I've figured out that I can fix it by plugging in an earphone plug while sound is routed to either the speaker or the earphone jack.

    and listen Palm, I do not appreciate you shutting me downwhile I tried to make this post the first time. You suck.

    and autocaptalization in web forms should be a no-brainer, you fucx.

    I know now that you know that you suck.
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    I tell you what, if the droid wasn't so ****-ugly that would be my next stop. I'll bet the droid doesn't have any freaking stereo jack issues.
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    My $0.02. I've never had this issue when leaving my car after playing the Pre. My routine is to turn off the car first, then unplug the Pre from stereo and charger. (It is usually plugged into the charger in the car.)
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    Just had this problem happen to me. The Sprint store was very nice about it, shipped me a refurb with no hassles and no cost. For what it's worth, this happened to me a few times when I had a Centro and got used to jiggling the headset plug to fix it. Looks like it might have been some kind of weakness in the design or build quality that got carried forward to the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markinbright View Post
    Just had this problem happen to me. The Sprint store was very nice about it, shipped me a refurb with no hassles and no cost. For what it's worth, this happened to me a few times when I had a Centro and got used to jiggling the headset plug to fix it. Looks like it might have been some kind of weakness in the design or build quality that got carried forward to the Pre.
    it's an issue that goes back atleast as far as the Treo 650.
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