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    Sorry if this has already been posted.

    Here's a text-based speed test usable on the Pre:

    It will also show your ip so you can see if you're pulling data off the network or wifi.
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    Thanx for this. Was about to post same thing but your post popped up. Got 1626 kbit/sec. A far cry from my 275 kbit/sec on my Centro.
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    I've generally found dslreports' speed test to give inconsistent results and hang often.

    Broadband Speed Test and Internet Bandwidth Community has always worked better and you can choose larger files.

    [edit]The forum adds that obnoxious title to the URL automatically.
    It's http : // testmy . net
    no spaces.

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    Ok at that one, ended up as 1605Kbps down and 454Kbps up. Pretty must that same.
  5. #5 works as well
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    When we get Flash, we can use
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    The funny thing is that my 3G connection is faster then my wifi at work.

    i got 1200kbs on my 3G and 1053kps on the wifi here.

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