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    Any idea of how to do a search on Calendar? I didn't realize until last night that there isn't one! I have old dates that I need to find quickly without having to use my B-RAM! (Biological Random Access Memory!)
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    There's no way to do it directly on the Pre, unfortunately. My workaround was to put a link to Google Calendar on my launcher (the full version, not the mobile version), so I can quickly search online. It's annoying that a workaround is necessary at all, but it does work well. I find my usage between the onboard calendar app and Google calendar is about 50/50, mostly depending on my mood.
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    Thanks for the suggestion - I don't use Google as my main calendar right now (using Outlook), but I could change if I had to. I just don't want to, and I shouldn't have to!

    Hey, Palm - PLEASE get a search for the Pre to include Calendar! Why did you not include it?
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    General note re: offline searching / non-google searching: take a look at this forum post. Not perfect, but, certainly helps ease the calendar search pain:
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    Thanks for that link!

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