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    I'm on a Mac. Is there a way to do it with iTunes? I've tried to create a playlist on iTunes, I even tried numbering them with the track number in front of the name but they don't play in the right order.
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    Ok, the work around I found and use is:

    1) sync files to you phone using windows media player or copy & paste them directly. (After the sync I moved the files into a folder named "music" but you can leave the music anywhere on the phone)

    2) make sure the "play" tab is selected in windows media player

    3) using windows explorer drag the music files from your phone onto the playlist section of windows media player. (This will be titled "Unsaved List" unless you have already named your playlist. Make sure ALL the songs in the playlist are copied from your phone and not your computer or the playlist will not show up.)

    4) once you have all the songs in the list change the name to what you desire and then click on the "List options" icon at the top right corner of the windows media player screen (right below the Play/Burn/Sync tabs)

    5) Click the "save list as" option in the drop down list

    6) set your destination folder to be the same one with all your music files in it.

    7) save as file type .M3U

    Your good to go. Hope this works for you until something better comes along
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    Quote Originally Posted by rand.bennett View Post
    Ok, the work around I found and use is:
    I use this way too, it seems to me to be the easiest, especially since I prefer windows media player.
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    The solution does work for English words only folder name and mp3 name. If there are some Chinese characters, the solution does NOT work anymore.

    I tried save m3u file in ansi/utf8/ucs-2(little and great), but it still does not work.

    Anybody now the reason?
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    I found the m3u file exported from Mac iTunes had PC style line endings (carriage return only) which the music player on my Pre could not read. Once I replaced the line endings with standard Linux line ending (carriage return + linefeed), my playlists showed up.
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