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    You are welcome that's what the forums are for. You will see alot of stuff in Preware you have really just scratched the surface Preware will amaze you. Have fun
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    Is there any limit on how much I should roam?
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    Once Palm comes out with a update for 1.4.0 will that affect this patch?
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    I'm glad that there are people around to help out. I've been helped many times in the past and am grateful too for all the terrific users on forums. Have fun with the Pre.
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    there are many threads that discuss that and each one has a different number so I can't tell you a definite answer but it would probably safe to say no more than 50 percent I am sure someone will chime in with a different number you could always just call customer service and ask to hopefully get a right answer.
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    Re: OS updates and patches. Yes, often times the patch breaks. But developers will eventually update the patch(es) for compatibility with every OS update.
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    Okay! Would it be a smart idea to disable automatic updates?
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    I don't disable the updates I want the latest and greatest. sometimes the changes that are made negate the need for certain patches
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    Okay, I guess i'll just leave the updates alone, a new patch will always come out i'm sure!
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    yes they will get updated usually right after the update
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    Thank you so much!!!
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