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    You have to go to the first post of the thread then save it to your desktop or a folder you have for your patches and then you drag the file from your folder to the white window on webos quickinstall. Or you can just go to Preware and go to available packages then go to patches, then go to phone and download the roam only patch.
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    Wait, so after I download Preware on my phone the roamonly patch should show up and I can download it or something from there?
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    Okay thank you SO SO much! I will try that!
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    yes with preware you can install most patches and apps you see on this forum. Quickinstall lets you be on the risk taking edge because you don't have to wait for someone to approve it. I use both of them I have custom patches for my use and ones that are not in Preware.
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    Click on his link, download it. Then drag and drop as per his directions.

    If you visit the installation instructions page I mentioned before, you can also try going to the Tweaks Menu > System Mods and checking the box to enable the roaming in the prefs (or via the top menu patch from another repository). See this pic and check the box that reads "Roam Only Option in Prefs".

    Edit: This pic is from the installation guide and has another item checked instead. Can't recall if I'm allowed to repost this image so delete if necessary.
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    Okay!! I dropped the patch 1.4.0 into quickinstaller and it says about downloading the GNU and lsdiff and I hit Yes then it says it may take a moment and do i want to begin i hit ok, then the box that was saying "connecting to device" disappears after a few seconds, I looked at my phone and the is no roam only option in my phone prefs, what am i doing wrong, and where can i find the patch in Preware instead?
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    Did you Restart Luna?
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    it should have restarted your phone if it took. If it didn't just fire up Preware and follow the instructions in my previous post. Did your phone restart?
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    When i go to the tweaks it says i have to download GNU and lsdiff and that one is missing from my device so I hit yes then it says it may take a few mins and i hit ok then the tweaks menu just disappears. what am i doing wrong?
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    No it did not restart.
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    you can either try it again or just find it in Preware
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    Okay I restarted Luna on Preware and my phone is restarting, is that right?
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    Where do I find it in Preware?
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    did you install the patch from Preware?
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    The roam only patch? No I don't know where to find it. :/ Package updates, available packages, installed packages, or list of everything?
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    available packages and then click on patches then phone
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    Okay I found it, is the patch "add roam control to prefs" or "roam only in device menu"?
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    depends on which one you want the roam only in menu is the one you originally started trying to fix the device menu puts it at the top with your wifi I use both only because I have megamix device menu patch installed
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    I got it!!! I can't explain how thankful I am! Thank you SO much! You are AMAZING! mamouton and dwdsign you guys rock!! Thanks for being so patient with me! THANK YOU!
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