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    I've had my Pre for about 4 days, my only complaint:

    If I don't hold the phone in the proper position, people tell me my voice sounds awful. For example, let's say I put my phone between my head and my shoulder; like when I'm typing and talking at the same time. People say my voice is incoherent.

    If the mic is angled too close to my mouth, same problems arise. I understand that proper phone placement makes a difference with any phone, but this one doesn't seem to have much tolerance. I literally can have the phone be off just a little bit off from proper alignment and mic problems start.

    Anyone having this? I'm going to stop at my Sprint store and I'm going to have them check the phone out. If they have to swap it out, then hopefully they'll have one in stock.
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    i too have a similar problem, if i hold the phone with my shoulder against my face sometimes the angle of the phone/mic seems to make my voice sound funny/ fuzzy, and people often ask me if i have them on speaker phone because of this.
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    I have just been noticing the same thing. When you also rub the mic against your face or cheek it gets all fuzzy sounding. I was thinking about taking it by the store to see if other pre's had the same problem. Will let you know. Laura
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    When you hold the phone next to your cheek, you are covering up the microphone port (the little hole at the bottom left corner of the phone).

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