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    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix that doesn't involve swapping out the phone and/or sending in for repair?

    I'm not talking about the whole screen, just the bottom of it, specifically the notification/quicklaunch area. Has anyone heard of just part of the touchscreen failing, and how does that happen?

    When I run the touchscreen interactive test where you touch the black squares and turn them white, the very bottom row of black squares do not change. Also, I get no touch indication ripples down there.

    For what it's worth, when I called Palm they said I'd have to send it in for repairs if I didn't want to use my TEP with Sprint. I asked if my data would be intact after the touchscreen repair and they said it would not be and offered no explanation as to why they HAD to wipe it ... sigh, looks like I lose with either solution
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    My first pre had the same problem. Only it was the top right corner where the battery was. The simple fix I did was to reboot the phone and it worked like a charm. The phone had other problems so it had to be returned.
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    Yea, this problem just happened a few days ago but had been working perfectly for long before that.

    I've been restarting it multiple times and left the battery out for a while once, but nothing has fixed it. One can hope.

    As of now, the issue can be worked around by leaving an alarm clock notification on the screen so that it raises up the quicklaunch bar by just enough that the taps register. Of course, that means I still can't tap the notification icons so I have to manually go into the applications when I am alerted.
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    I noticed that sometimes I could not run apps in the first column of any launcher page. On doing the Touch Sensor Interactive Test, I find that the second column of squares from top to bottom, does not work. Ack!

    Its a Palm Pre Minus, German O2 GSM QWERTZ unlocked. It is also heavily patched, overclocked etc. I cannot get O2 service in the country I am located.

    Have tried many resets, battery pulls etc. Nothing works.

    Now, I was wondering if doctoring might help - suggestions?
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    That would have been my suggestion for any unresponsive screen. Not the first choice, but definitely the best.(In this situation) Here find your carrier version. Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals.
    Best of luck.
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    Also, steps to put phone in recovery mode for phone to perform doctoring. Using the webOS Doctor
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    i had a similar problem due to cracks in the touch screen, i guess it started small where i couldnt see it and certain places had no response. the crack grew straight up the centre of the screen and now the entire right side does not work. left is fine though. thanks god for insurance

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