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    I have a question and will greatly appreciate help. If I'm in the process of typing out a text to someone (let's say it's a particularly long text) do I scroll up/down within the text field to; say, review the content of my text before I send it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthiasII View Post
    Hold the orange button and use the gesture area to scroll left/right.

    edit: this doesn't directly scroll up and down, but will get you there in a relatively short time.
    I tried what you've suggested about holding down the 'orange button' and using the gesture area to scroll left and right...I must say that this manner of scrolling is really ANNOYING and NON-INTUITIVE. However I do appreciate your input.

    There has to be an easier/faster/smoother way of scrolling up and down without doing so line by line as the method you've suggested is doing.

    Also; let's say if I'm making a post (such as this) on precentral via my pre...I'm having the same issue where it won't let me scroll up and down within the 'message' field (such as this) when I produce a reply longer than three sentences.
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    I totally agree.
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    how do you do it for the pixi?
    i just recently got this phone, so i may be stupid, but i dont see an 'orange button'.
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    Ok so i need help.I have a Pixi, and When typing a long text (one that is longer than the screen shows) I have no way of reviewing the previous parts of the text. when i touch the screen to scroll, it scrolls through the conversation above and not the actual text. i cant see anything that i typed before the last few sentences because it wont scroll. any help will be greatly appreciated
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    The grey square button on the left side of the keyboard.
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    Hold the orange button and drag up and down to scroll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    Hold the orange button and drag up and down to scroll.
    That worked, thanks!!! .

    It's sad, I've had my Pre from since July and I never knew how to scroll. I just would use the shift key to slowly highlight lines back to the top =/
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    Wow that is good to know. Been wondering this for a while

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