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    With Li-Ion batteries I've heard it can actually be dangerous to let the battery drain completely. The primary reason the Pre shuts down at a low percent is actually because those batteries when completely drained will no longer charge. Or is this false information I've heard? Battery information is mostly incorrect and hard to sort through. :P
    I can only say, I always do the old school method of charging my Pre when possible, and I have had much better battery life than others report... Granted, the webOS updates have made significant improvements along the journey... I know what the specs say on these type of batteries, but field testing is showing other results... I don't think it has anything to do with the sensors, because turning it back on after it dies results in it's still dead... haha

    The webOS homebrew 2.1 update made a big difference...

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    Thank you very much
    Intends to try it!
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