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    Quote Originally Posted by arniep View Post
    I never did see a response to the last question posted: How do I turn off data but still have use as a phone? Thanks.
    Phone Preferences - Data Usage Off.

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    I find that the chat function uses a TON of battery life
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    but i still like to kep it on, especially the facebook chat. I love it!
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    People, please share who have less battery life at 720 patch than at 800 ??? I have it, maybe bcs of more energy lose of switching CPU frequency from 800 to 720 and back ? if it works just on 800 continuously maybe it is better?
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    i can attest to the wi-fi save from experience. i live in a newer earthquake safe building that has a very bad cell signal when inside. i noticed by accident that if i keep the wifi on (since we have the wireless net on router anyway) if uses way less battery because its not constantly trying to find a signal.

    the other thing is, also found out recently by accident, some of the themes can wear out the battery and even made my phone get HOT for the first time ever. I switched from one theme that i've always used to another just for fun 2 days ago. it only took a couple hours to realize that the theme made my phone dangerously hot and sucked the battery in 25% of the time it normally took.

    i removed the theme, reinstalled my old fav, and restarted Luna.

    Also, i've noticed that each time we update to a newer OS the performance slows and battery life gets poor. I think that we should remove all apps and patches that are not yet tooled to work with the latest updates so the phone doesn't have to waste energy thinking thru all of the app/patch errors in the background. then we can reinstall when the developer says the app/patch is updated.

    hope this helps.

    fixed the problem in an instant.
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    I turned my pre off last night and my battery was on 53% but when i got up and switched it on this morning it was totally empty, it just showed the large battery with the flash in it, I put it staraight on charge and it started up after a few minutes, I just don't understand why or how the battery drained when the phone was off??
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    This has happened to me several times as well and I'm not sure the cause of it. I started a thread about the issue a couple of months ago and nobody had a solution. In fact your the first person besides myself that I've heard have this problem.
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    Yeah... I also noticed that turning off the phone and turning on the phone also takes off like 5% off stock battery.

    Kind of annoying.

    I feel like airplane mode is much better than turning the phone off. It takes off like 1-2% overnight to me.
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    Interestingly, just about 1 hour ago I tried to use the phone, but it was drained. The last time I checked it several hours ago it was at least 70%. This kind of thing should not happen.
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    happened ti me too.
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    I've seen this complaint a couple of times on the forum, and it always confuses me. Why do people turn off their phone overnight? I never turn my phone off, if you don't want a call airplane mode is there, I can see no possible benefit of turning off the phone unless you won't be using or charging it for a couple of days at least.
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    great tips. thanks
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    I heard about that PreNuke batter as well. I hope they release better batteries to combat these energy hogging apps.
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    i use a philips travel charger, i can charge up my pre almost 2 times so if you prefer not to increase the width of the phone you can have this instead of the extended battery
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    what works really well for me is disabling network time and network time zone. decreases drain per hour from 2.5% to 1.3% in idle.

    sometimes the clock goes crazy. though when using the pre as you alarm clock, make sure to switch it back on when you put it on the touchstone. or get another solution to sync your clock every half hour or so.
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    Hey, great idea! thanks!
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    I found out that
    Wifi+bluetooth+radio app = battery still in the 80% range after an hour
    Compared 2
    Bluetooth+radio app = sucks battery juice very fast 70% or less in an hour
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    For some reason, for the past week, I've had battery drainage issues.

    Where as I could use my phone for quite a while, it's rarely possible to go 12 hours off charge without it going dead with some very minimal usage...

    I have reason to believe that my pre is malfunctioning because randomly (with no notifications/messages), it'll decide to light up every 45 seconds to a minute.

    Also, after I finish work, I'd normally decide to listen to music... Now I don't know about anybody else, but it seems unlikely that it would go from 56% to "0%" battery in the space of a minute... That's right, it actually says "0% battery" but doesn't actually turn off until about 1 hour of continuous music playback.

    I have also tried putting my phone into aeroplane mode whilst i'm not using it (whilst i'm working) but the same thing happens...

    I have NO idea what to do in this situation...

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    If i charge it before its down into the red zone? If, i use it before work and i see its at 50% will it damage the battery if i plug it in so the phone doesnt die while im at work.
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    No, the battery will be fine

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