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    thankfully I sill have not had this specific issue, but I still occasionally have weird hyper sensitivity issues followed by periods of non responsiveness. I wonder if it is related to your issues in some way, and if the magnetic clasp on the case is causing problems somehow.
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    Wow, I got a $5 knock-off brand charger, and the same thing is happening... after about 10 minutes of charging, I can't even enter my PIN. it bounces all over the place. If I open the interactive test and drag my finger, you can see it nail random boxes all over the screen.

    Unplug cheap-o charger, and it's okay.

    Is the touchscreen matrix getting unregulated power from the charger or something? This is very bizarre!

    Time to go buy a real charger.
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    The same exact thing would happen on my *ahem* ipod touch when it was plugged in with a 3rd party cheap-o charger, and this happened once or twice on my guess is its the lack of proper grounding (whether it's the cable, the usb port on the computer, the electrical outlet, etc) but never seems to happen with my legit Palm cables...
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    My phone is having the same issue with the touchscreen going nuts. Sometimes it doesn't respond to touches. Sometimes it does things on its own. Had it since June and screen has worked fine up until last night. Haven't dropped it or got it wet. I have always used the delivered charging cable. Restarting and pulling the battery has no effect, screen still goes nuts. Makes it a little difficult to use the phone, to say the least. Will probably bring it back into store. LAME!
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    My screen started doing this nonesense with the phantom activations.It repeatedly showed ripples in the lower left corner.I did the interactive tests on the screen and it shows that close to 1/8 of the lower left squares(about 2 colums by about 6 rows receiving no activation whatsover. anyone knows if this is purely a hardware problem?i guess i'm off to decide if i need to webos doctor.This is an unlocked Gsm pre from expansys and i dont belive i realistically have too much of a chance to exchange it like sprint users but that was the risk i took.Yes cleaned the screen and everything but i will see if it persists but its been already 2 days and counting
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    This also occured for me when connecting my palm wall charger to a power inverter I use in the car. Interestingly enough, not a problem when i plug the other end of the cable into a touchstone and charge it in the car like that... hmmm... plus no dingy ding while charging in the car.
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    This happened once with my old Pre. It occurred when I attempted to use a AC converter at work, so I could use my car charger, in the office. As soon as I plugged it in, the screen went crazy. I pulled it out of the wall quickly! Never happened again. I believe it has something to do with how the power/grounding is connects to the pre. Have you tried to clean the USB port on the side of your Pre?
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    oh great now it changed from the left side of the screen giving ghost ripples to the centre of the screen being unresponsive.did a soft reset and now the total screen in responsive but those ghost ripples are still present.Took off my original touch screen protector that came with the pre also.ohh i forgot to say that the ghost touches are located repeatedly in the same positions.i am really lost as to what to do next
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    Kenjo: Does it happen when your palm is not being charged?
    2: If not, then are you using a palm branded charger and (prob less important) cable.
    3: If "2" is true, does it occur when you plug into any outlet?

    If all of the above are true then you can try to doctor it but I don't think it is going to help. Otherwise, make sure to have only Palm hardware and make sure your electircal wiring at your house or wherever is properly grounded. Many homes are improperly wired, expecially in house extensions.
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    This happened when i plugged my pre into a non palm micro usb charger once and i freaked out, but it went back to normal when i took it out
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    this is generally due to ( nine out of ten times) non oem sprint or palm charger. Go buy a charger or charging cable made for your phone, and this should stop. If your phone charger is the one that came with the phone .the other thing that causes this is the stock screen saver. If you have the stock screen protector on your phone still remove it , and sometimes other screen protectors cause this as well.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I had the same problem and it eventually ended up with dead spots on the screen. Got a replacement. I am curious to know if it had something to do with applying pressure as in those screen protector things. I had put those on the unit that had the pro lem and I recall not liking all that pressure to get it right and getting rid of bubbles. So, do you have these things if you have problems? I think it has nothing to do with chargers.
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    no other chargers than the original.the only thing that changed was a few days before i experienced the problem of the battery being drained by the touchstone charger.i then used the "fix" of just moving the connectors a bit and that seemed to fix this.However the phantom touches began a few days after.i have cleaned the screen,used the phone without the original screen protector,added another screen protector,totally discharged the phone and recharged soft hard reset the phone and still nothing has changed.calling O2 in a while but i guess it seems like i will be incurring some huge shipping charges to send my phone back to the UK to get it replaced and hopefully i will get a pre that was in pristine condition like my original.oh yes i pamper my pre before the usual people come out on their high horses and say that they dont drop their pre and hence why they have no problems
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    Oof. That is strange indeed.
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    Ok... I am NOT going insane based on these posts.

    Phantom gestures, phone dialing when no one was near it, etc. At times the phone was having such a hissy fit I had to pop the battery out to stop it.

    I only use OEM chargers, I have two touchstones, one is at home, the other is connected to a palm pre car charger. No clue if these are causing issues.

    Today I did a hard reset (PAIN) but still using the same two chargers, and *fingers crossed* so far no issues.

    Hubby has a pre too, his behaves nicely.

    I videotaped my pre's hissy fit this morning, just in case the Sprint store wouldn't believe that the phantom gesture were occurring. Seven minutes of no one touching the phone, but you can see the "water drop" marks everyone, apps closing and opening, airport mode on and off, and it deleted one of my appointments in my calendar. WEIRD.
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    My Pre+ that is only a month old just started this. I only use Palm chargers. It started randomly in a meeting, I couldn't even get it to recognize screen touches. I rebooted powered down several times during the mtg and it is still doing it. I even went so far as to uninstall Uberkernel, Govnah, and a small army of patches and I'm now down to nearly stock and still doing it. Just ran all tests and they passed. I'm baffled.

    Non Palm chargers might be running a switch mode bucking circuit to drop the voltage down to +5V, and the DC signal could be very dirty with high freqquency ripple noise, this could be affecting the TS.

    Unfortunately my Pre has only been used with Touchstone, sigh.
    Seems better but I don't trust it now.
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    My GSM O2 Pre does the same and I've noticed that it happens particularly when the screen overheats (it happens to many times for my taste...)
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    My Pre was normal temp battery and CPU when mine started acting up.
    Now when I start N.O.V.A. game up the touch screen goes wild and the game is impossible to play. Then, the next time I start the game it seems fine.
    This is my worst nightmare scenario to prove to ATT guys it's messed up.
    I don't know how to reliably produce the error for the store guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fountainhead View Post
    My Pre was normal temp battery and CPU when mine started acting up.
    Now when I start N.O.V.A. game up the touch screen goes wild and the game is impossible to play. Then, the next time I start the game it seems fine.
    This is my worst nightmare scenario to prove to ATT guys it's messed up.
    I don't know how to reliably produce the error for the store guys.
    Are you using any screen protector? Found that mine was causing the overheating of the screen.
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