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    there is a app out there that you can use to switch from 1x to evo
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    Wow, great thread! Im switching to 1x and i'll see if my battery lasts longer...hopefully it does :]
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    Wow, 1x is very very slow... Anyone else tried the EVDO Rev 0 Hybrid? It seems almost as fast as Rev A, with slightly better battery life
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    So, will this also work with my Verizon Pre Plus? Ever since "The Update" and my phone is on "3G", my battery is also lame. I am useless at computer skills and hacking, and I don't want to goof up my you'll have to talk non-geek-speak to me.

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    Forcing 1x on any phone will alleviate battery drain. Unfortunately, I didn't buy a phone to disable features. Instead, I will probably wind up buying a bigger battery that is not touchstone compatible to address this issue.
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    This thread seems completely obsolete.

    Why would you put your Pre in 1x mode and possibly incur the wrath of Sprint and crappy download speeds when you can go one better and shut down 3G with the "3G Toggle" or use the "Advanced Phone Options" patch which also turns 3G on/off instantly?
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    What is the code to undo this?
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    I've had the battery for a week now. Currently, my Droid has been running for 24 hours without charging. With typical usage yesterday and today, as well as leaving it on all night, I still have 20% battery life remaining. This was unheard of before I bought the new battery. The day before my battery lasted 19 hours.

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