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    My touchstone stopped charging after a few days. However, I noticed that when I applied a little downward pressure on the phone against the touchstone, it would start charging but stop as soon as I released it. I went and bought another touchstone, and still the problem persisted.

    FIX: I took off the battery cover suspecting contact issues, and just pushed back on the pins that make contact with the back cover, in order to raise them back up so they would contact the cover better. Voila! Problem solved!

    Apparently, carrying the pre in my pocket or applying pressure to the back of the phone can squish those contacts down and create a gap between them and the cover.

    Be careful! I did it in various stages being carefull not to apply to much upwards pressure. It is now working like a charm! Installed the 2nd touchstone in the car and it works awesome!

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    Right ON!

    I just got the Touchstone and it not charging which was driving me crazy. I tried everything I know trying to line the thing up just right on the charger.

    Then I read your post, and I applied pressure on the Pre when on the charger, DING! Charging. Lifted my hand DING! Off no charge. Poped open the back and sure enough one of the charger prongs is bent out of place. I will need so small tweasers and work on it a but more.

    Not sure how it got bent. Pocket pressure I guess. Or maybe mine came that way.

    Any way big time thanks. I was going nuts.
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    My Pre stopped charging on the touchstone last night. Fortunately, a family member has another Pre and Touchstone in the same house so I could test everything including swapping the back cover. Everything worked fine except for my phone so I powered it down and back up. Bingo, the touchstone is charging again.
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    Didn't work for me, but a new Touchstone did.
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    Similar situation for me, this is what i did. touchstone stopped working. it would charge from the side port, but not from the touchstone. i shut down the phone. remove the back cover. removed the battery, put everything back together, and touchstone now works again!..
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    damn man, this is exactly what i needed. googled my problem, first post. did it and it worked.

    right on homie, right on.
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    Same problem for me. Had to google to find this thread.

    Hmm. Just tried it, however not working for me, yet. I'm using same mini usb connector and works fine hard wired to the side of Pre. Not so with Touchstone.
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    After trying the prong theory I removed & reinserted battery. After reboot the TS is back. Hopefully this mix of remedies will keep it going. Thanks Loanarranger1.

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