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    I dont know if anyone else has mentioned this but I just got the Body Glove case (fitted for the pre) in the mail and it actually reduced the amount of wobble significantly. Just a suggestion. 14.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan7467 View Post
    I need to get a 1.5mm torx driver tomorrow for the screws, but I went ahead and used some electrical tape based on your suggestion. Used a single piece on the lower center of the bottom of the screen. Made a big difference in my side to side wobble. Thanks much for the suggestion!!!
    What is a 1.5mm Torx?

    Torx drivers come in sizes such as T1,T5,T15,T20, etc.

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    I dropped my pre and then started to have the wobble problem. At first I tried the screw method. That helped but it was still not back up to par, so I tried the glue method. That FIXED it, done. Now the pre is even better then before, and I don't even notice the glue there at all.
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    Thanks for this post, I fixed mine like this.
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    the glue isn't really what I would put on my phone...but it helps. Cheers for the tipp with the screws...easy quality control would have prevented some issues and frustration on the market...
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    I can never get the hot glue step right arrrgh!
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    I snapped on one of those Rocketfish cases sold at Best Buy and it seems to make the Pre open and close more solid.
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    I just applied the fix you described. While my hot glue lines are a bit thicker than yours, I was amazed at how well it stops the oreo-ification when my Pre is in the closed position! Thanks for your help!
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