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    Version 2.0 will be out in a minute now with nearly 300 tips and tricks including dozens of links to tutorials and videos to show you how many things are done.

    These are not yet included and will have to wait for 2.2:
    Video Overview
    GPS Navigation Overview
    GPS Video
    WiFi Video

    - Craig
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    An addition:

    An easier way to access the connection menu is to just click on the time at the top center.
    (since the corner signal bars can be tough press. some people like me have fat thumbs. =P)
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    probably a dumb question but if i receive a video through a text how do i copy it to my phone?
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    I am working on tips for Version 2.1. Here is one that will be added under browsing the web:

    Missing Basic Features
    Music - Developers are working on fixes.

    ►Images - Make an image fill the screen by double tapping it.

    Overview: How to Sync Music

    Under ringtones, I will add these tips from another thread:
    Old Treo ringtones1,000's of ringtoneszedge ringtones

    Homebrew Applications
    User Created Applications. ► Homebrew InstructionsRooting your Pre - AKA Jailbreak

    - Craig
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    I am sure a lot of people already discovered this, but it made me happy. When in Pandora, you can pause the playback by hitting the space key. This has come in handy for frequent interruptions at work, don't need to mess around with tapping the pause button on screen.
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    I will be adding this great trick from Audemars02 to the next Tips and Tricks:

    Email Distribution List
    In Contacts create a new entry such as Office for an Office Distribution List. In the email field, enter all the emails separated by a ";"... e.g. "email1; email2; email3; etc."
    In Email choose Office in this case as your recipient. Done!

    Thank you Audemars02!

    - Craig
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    Well, I have been a little late in getting this added:

    Missing Basic Features
    ►Notification - a Homebrew app, My Notifications lets you change the notification sounds.
    ►Forwarding - not enabled but users have enabled text and email forwarding!

    Again, it will be in version 2.1.

    - Craig
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    Here is another that will be added
    Missing Features
    ►Weather Radar - a Homebrew app, WxRad proves that the Pre can show animated radar and full screen!

    Again, it will be in version 2.1.

    - Craig
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    Here is another for Version 2.1:

    ►Last Resort - Reprogram Over USB Using the "Palm Doctor"
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    Here is another great tip from PreCentral that will be added to 2.1.

    Turn MP3's into Ringtones
    Old Treo ringtones1,000's of ringtoneszedge ringtonesFree Sounds

    I am loving all of these free mp3's that can be used as ringtones. As always I use Audacity to amplify them and cut out just the parts I want.

    I am using My Notifications to change my alert sounds.

    I was using the Star Trek Communicator sound for my message alert but now am loving having crickets chirp.

    - Craig
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    Well, i know it's a bit farther along but i'm hoping maybe i can make my first helpful post with a few answers to questions people have had and things people may not just know!

    1. REMEMBER YOUR WAVE BAR! It's there, use it. It will save you alot of time to just slide up while you're in an app than hitting center button then having to tap it.

    2. You can rearrange things on your launch bar. Open up your launcher and just hold your finger over the items on the launch bar and you can change them.

    3. You can add just about anything to the launcher, such as bookmarks, contact links, etc. If you have a site you visit alot, just add it to the launcher. In regards to adding a web bookmark, when you visit a webpage click on the menu on the top left, select page, and there should be an option which says add to launcher.

    4. You can add book marks to the Web app and get rid of ones you don't want (you would think common knowledge but coming from a touch pro i thought Sprint would force the Sprint bookmark to be there!)

    5. You update your App Store apps the same way you update your whole palm system. Go to the update icon and if there is an update for an application you can get it there.

    6. Some good things to know about your pre and the shortcuts on the keyboard! Orange+Sym+P= Printscreen.... Orange+Sym+R= Soft Reset Equivalent

    7. If you're at home, use WIFI. It's much faster than the Sprint Network. You may be reluctant to accept this like I was coming from a Touch Pro but it does really make a difference running on WIFI. Not to mention... it doesn't go in and out like Sprint Service sometimes

    8. To find wallpapers you can search through the wallpaper section of these forums or go to . Here is a tip for you guys though, if you are getting your wallpapers like here you DON'T have to use a PC to get them on your pre. Make an account sending them to an email you have set up on your phone and just use the "email-attachment" option on the posted pictures and then download them through your email. Good alternative right now.

    *as suggested by poster here is another pre wallpaper site.

    9. If you are in a place where you know you don't get signal, and you ALSO know you aren't going to be using your phone (IE school), put your phone on Airplane mode. Saves A TON of battery and lets you get more of that usage out of it when you really need it.

    10. UNIVERSAL SEARCH IS INVALUABLE!!!!!! USE IT!!!! Don't go to your phone app to look for a contact, or even your contact app for that matter. Just start typing their name and BAM there they are. Click and away you go.

    11. Bored? Get Infopedia. You could go the homebrew game route, but you know what learning random [Mod Edit] is about as fun as a game of solitaire. For example today I learned that J. Douglas MacMillan was a Christian Minister for the Free Church of Scotland. Useful... maybe? Time killing, [Mod Edit] yes. You don't stop learning until you are dead. Use the pre as a tool to improve your life and yourself!

    12. The News apps are great, but you are probably better off just using the Google Mobile Reader Website. Bookmark it in your web app or even just bookmark the site and put it in your launcher. Your news, at your time, and your podcasts too!

    13. In regard to podcasts you can now download PrePod in the homebrew section, however if you aren't interested in doing that. Use google reader to listen to part of the show, and have the memos app running simultaneously. Honestly the phone was made to multitask and you can just record the time you left off on it! Easy enough!

    14. Want to listen to your Pre in your car but don't have an aux in cable? Get a cheap radio tuner from Walmart or a cassette tuner. My pre has now replaced my ipod with Pandora Radio! It's great!

    15. Homebrew is great, but don't feel pressured to get these apps. Alot of them are nice but the apps from Palm are coming! I promise. Be patient, it's been said 10000000 times on this forum. Iphone didn't have apps until a year in! Palm I say will have their store flourishing by the 4-6 month point. And you can hold me to that date period.

    16. DOWNLOAD THE SDK! Just do it. If you decide to go homebrew you got it and it saves you a step. Who knows maybe somebody will find some insane patch to do with it that completely revolutionizes using the pre. It's not huge and it's not going to kill you to download it. Might as well do it now and just get it over with.

    17. Rooting your pre isn't as hard as you think. Just read the information over at and you should be golden. I did it and it was easy as pie.

    18. Itunes is what i use for my music. I always have and probably always will. If you are an average consume you probably do to. If apple keeps up the BS of locking out the Pre, don't update. The updates they put out aren't mind blowing or game breaking... (well sometimes they are). But until that update comes just keep your version. Honestly, how many times have you said "Wow this 8.2.x" update really blew my mind!

    19. If you are tired of that little lock ball thing when you turn the power switch on the pre STOP DOING IT! Just slide the phone up and you can immediately unlock the phone completely!

    20. Not gonna lie, didn't know the mirror was on the back of the pre until yesterday. But hey might as well point it out, WHEN YOU SLIDE THE PHONE UP THERE IS A MIRROR TOO! Check out that cool smile of yours every now and then and make sure there is no broccoli.

    21. Making ringtones for the pre can be a hassle if you don't know what you are doing or if you don't have the software. Go get Audacity and it will become an extremely easy process. Bump up the volume of the ringtones because for some reason the PRE likes making the ringtones very quiet. Also going to for some ringtone/message tone love is not a bad idea either.

    22. Cut, Copy, Paste... the short cut keys are circle ball thing and the appropriate keyboard letter. Now this is a bit misleading... you can't CLICK the middle button because it will take you to card view. The trick is to put your finger ABOVE the button so the LED underneath it lights up. At that point you are holding the center button. Neat right?

    23. Lose slider, oreo effect? Here is a simple and quick fix. Turn off the phone and take out it's battery. See the sliders and the two little metal things along them. Take a blunt object such as a screwdrive and apply pressuer to them! You can apply quite a bit of force, you are trying to bend metal here guys. Make sure they are tight on the sliders or else there will be some moving around. Remember though SOME PLAY IS OK! SOME PLAY IS OK! SOME PLAY IS OK! If it moves more than 1/2 an inch... you should probably return that before the cream filling comes out of the middle

    24. If you have a hotmail account and have a pre... just port the hotmail over to Gmail. It's alot easier and honestly I personally like Gmail ALOT better than hotmail. Just a little more convenient, and we all know Google is an amazing company!

    25. To make facebook a bit easier, change the bookmark you have a default in your pre browser to This gives you a mobile site which is pretty much equivalent to the actual facebook site just a bit more streamlined.

    26. Although the Pre browser is pretty darn amazing, it is still a better experience if you try to navigate to the mobile sites of the web site you are visiting. Even pre central has a mobile site! I can whip right through the forums and actually added the wallpaper edit by doing this.

    27. Want to know when your phone was made (more so for you oreo twist people XD)? Just dial ##786# and you will be able to see your warranty date and wether or not the phone has actually ben refurbished.

    28. In your screen and lock option you can turn on "advanced gestures." If you are somebody who always has about two or 3 apps open this is actually pretty darn nice for you! It allows you two swipe your finger all across the gesture pad and go to the next card in line. Very neat.

    29. Is your battery draining extremely fast? Make sure you don't have your email accounts constantly being checked like every 5 minutes, especially if you have multiple accounts. That would very quickly destroy your battery life.

    Post some more tips/tricks if you like guys! hopefully this helps somebody!
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    Awesome thread!
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    Great thread! I'm sure it will help a lot of the newer Pre owners.

    About # 8, I've actually found this website to have a much wider variety and higher quality wallpapers.
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    Thanks for the great tips!
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    Quote Originally Posted by davenukem View Post
    3. You can add just about anything to the launcher, such as bookmarks, contact links, etc. If you have a site you visit alot, just add it to the launcher.

    Umm HOW? do you add stuff to the launcher? I can add a contact, or of course a new app, but how do you add say a web bookmark , or anything else?

    And Thanks for a great post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    Umm HOW? do you add stuff to the launcher? I can add a contact, or of course a new app, but how do you add say a web bookmark , or anything else?

    And Thanks for a great post!
    When you are on a page on the web app you like click the menu in the top left and there should be a page option, tap on that and viola!
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    Ahhh ok Thanks!
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