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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    A simple "back" gesture(half-swipe to left in the gesture area) brings you "one level/men back" in email and most other applications, (This sounds too simple. Let us know if this is what you needed or notU,

    I will note this in the next version (1.6)

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    Quote Originally Posted by preman2be913 View Post
    Not sure if this is mentioned or not but I have 2:

    1) When viewing a web page in landscape mode, use the gesture area to scroll down or up. Extremely useful bc your finger is NOT on the page you are trying to view but rather on the side of it.

    2) To check if updates for apps are available, rather than going into updates and waiting for it to load, simply go to the app catalog and any apps that have blue tabs on them are available for updates.

    Now if someone can please explain to me how we check what additional benefits and features each update offers that would be great! lol
    Both will be in 1.6.


    - Craig
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    Thank you so much for these tips & tricks! Would like to get the versions 1.3 through 1.5...any suggestions? Cannot get links unless I post at least 10 times???
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    Thanks for the great info.

    Has anyone found a way to have reminders and events show up on the "main screen"
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    Make a combination command that allows select all/cut and select all/copy in one action
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    Error in the tips - On the calendar there is no new entry icon. For me at least, you must go to the drop down menu or clik on a time on the calendar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Nazi View Post
    Error in the tips - On the calendar there is no new entry icon. For me at least, you must go to the drop down menu or clik on a time on the calendar.
    Thanks V1.7 will have this corrected.
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    "u(space)" autocorrects to "you" in messages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feelitout View Post
    "u(space)" autocorrects to "you" in messages.
    I just posted Version 1.7 now with 225 tips and tricks.

    This is a good one. I will get it into Version 1.8.

    Keep them coming!

    - Craig
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    Million thanks! You made my life easier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinde View Post
    The Universal Search feature turns every key into a shortcut! Tap one of these keys from the main screen or Launcher to see your assigned Speed Dials and applications that begin with these letters. To quickly clear the screen press ← Backspace. Here are the shortcuts to a few of the most popular applications that came with your phone.
    ► A - App Catalog
    ► Y - YouTube
    seriously? do we this list? i think people can figure out what the first letter of a word is...
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    This is great, thanks so much!
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    realized i mentioned something already in the PDF, but anyways
    it's tempting to type in ##evdo# or something
    any further discription on that and what the VPon and VPoff our used for etc.
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    P.S. just noticed that if you type

    A little window pops up with aloading bar trying to "authenticate" then immediatly switches to a lil window that reads "Invalid MSL..."

    just curious if anyone has monitered what its doing, because other phrases of pushing random key between ##xxx# just clears the entry bar
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    thanks alot this will come in handy!
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    Is there a link to Version 1.7 now with 225 tips and tricks
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    I stumbled upon this one..

    Insteading of swiping and then hitting delete for each message, just swipe the first msg you want to delete, and instead of hitting delete when the delete/cancel confirmation appears, continue to swipe messages. They will be deleted without displaying the delete/cancel confirmation option for each msg.
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    You can now use:

    To convert online PDFs to HTML.
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    Super Minimize - Hold down on a minimized card and it will get even smaller
    You can just tap the background while cards are being displayed. No holding required

    Tap background a second time to go back to regular card view
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