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    Quote Originally Posted by beetljuc View Post
    I've tried moving app icons to a different page but it will not move. I hold my finger tip on the icon until a circle appears around it and then try to move but it will not move to another page, I can only move it around on the same page. Does anyone know of another way of moving an icon to a different page?
    empty the icons that are ion the bottom of the screen, then move apps to the bottom then move the page then put the app in the other screen that's it
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    Quote Originally Posted by faigee View Post
    I am not able to access my USB drive mode. I tried pressing and holding the orange key/Option + Sym + U still did not working for me. Any suggestion PLEASE!

    plug up the usb to the phone then while the usb is still connected to the phone plug it to your computer, if it won't work the first time try it again this works for me
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    how do I check the lifetime call minutes on my palm pixi?
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    the list was greatly informative and i loved a one that was about the iPhone still find it very useful practically
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy View Post
    Extremely Lame

    People at have been copying your hard work:] - View Single Post - Tips and Tricks!

    They are even reposting your PDF so people won't have to register on PreCentral:] - View Single Post - Tips and Tricks!
    I realize I'm about 2 years late on getting into the palm data plan world (just upgraded to a pixi with a mandatory data plan 2 months ago - have been loving my centro for 3+ years & was fine without the data plan, but when my centro finally kicked the bucket, I tried using an lg rumor & griped constantly for 3 months til I broke down & got my pixi with the data plan - and am LOVING IT!!!)

    Anyway, the point is that since I'm so behind on these tips posts I was reluctant to mention that none of the files I've downloaded are working. Adobe says they are corrupted. I have been copying & pasting for an hour now to try to get the info in one place. Soooo . . . when I came across the above links, and they worked, I was thrilled. Not cool if they are not giving credit to this site - not cool at all, but I now have a working file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D0M1N8R View Post
    You can just tap the background while cards are being displayed. No holding required

    Tap background a second time to go back to regular card view
    Thank you for the reminder. I did this accidentally one time & then could not figure out how to magically make it happen again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnePalmAddict View Post
    While I guess this is officially a "feature," I almost consider it a bug. I FREQUENTLY use "u" INSTEAD of "you" for SMS messages in order to abbreviate and save space. Without the option to turn this off, it means I have to type an extra keystroke every time I want to intentionally use "u." I really wish Palm would allow you to customize the autocorrect feature, but I guess that's a post for another thread.
    Thanks for this insight as to how to have palm NOT auto correct "u" "r" "y" etc.
    my new recipe for using text-ease, thanks to you:
    to get the desired result

    Y r u ... laughing @ me??? instead of Why are you ...

    1) type "Y', did not autocorrect - Yayyyy
    2) type "r", space (auto's to are), backspace, then space again===> r stays "r"
    3) type "u", space (auto's to you), backspace, then space again===> u stays "u"

    May seem like a pain, but I don't mind as at least I can now get the desired smarty britches text sent - lol. (Just doesn't have the same sass when it comes out "Why are you laughing @ me???") IMHO
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredc1 View Post
    I stumbled upon this one..

    Insteading of swiping and then hitting delete for each message, just swipe the first msg you want to delete, and instead of hitting delete when the delete/cancel confirmation appears, continue to swipe messages. They will be deleted without displaying the delete/cancel confirmation option for each msg.
    Laughing at myself right now.

    I just tried this tip and
    a) discovered that just swiping a message magically unhides the delete option - totally cool as I hadn't seen that before, and
    b) your tip about the consecutive swiping will delete each message without having to hit the delete button each time - totally worked for me,

    . . . so I got excited & had just opened this reply box when it occurred to me - girl, when do you ever delete anything, except by accident - lol. Seriously, I have texts in my centro from 2006ish - no joke - so . . . then says I, how was I able to test this little tip so carelessly? Well, funny you should ask as I had just sent myself several texts testing out other tips from this site, so I had a few frivolous messages to work with.

    Still shakin my head at myself that I was successful in figuring out a function I will most likely never use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryG View Post
    Didn't see this one (found it by experimentation), so please don't flame me if I missed it...

    Shift-Enter will jump you to the next field when you're editing a record, in say, Contacts, or SplashID. Now I have to figure out how to jump backwards...

    Excellent tip! Worked like a charm. Thanks bunches
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    hi i need some major help i droped my palm pixi and the screen cracked and so now the touch screen and guester area is shatterd so how do i use keyboard to close open cards and switch between cards without the guester bar and how do i answer the phone using the keyboard?
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