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    Quote Originally Posted by withinboredom View Post
    1-866-750-PALM someone call and ask about the update ... I'm too busy
    That phone number needs to be added to the Tips and Tricks.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    Like many, my Pre hit "the wall" and wouldn't install any new apps, despite my deleting older ones. I couldn't seem to install apps from the App Catalog or via FileCoaster. (WebOS QuickInstall always worked, though.)

    This changed, a couple of days, ago, when I did the following: I removed every audio file iTunes had synced to my Pre.
    This needs to be in the Tips and Tricks that if you cannot download apps, it may be because you do not have enough space left on the Pre. Maybe it want at least 1GB free to still download apps?

    - Craig
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    Cool tips
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    Please note that there is another resource available:

    How to Play and Convert Videos for Your Pre

    - Craig
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    This guide is so much help thanks!
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    When browsing in landscape a swipe in the gesture area does a page up/down.

    Didn't see it in the tips but sorry if it's already been mentioned.
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    Thanks so much! I never would have figured out half these things!
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    Can you surf the web while on a phone call (w/headphones)????
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    Only if your are surfing via wifi.
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    I love the precentral forums !!
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    Not sure where to post this. Figured it would belong in here with the other tips.

    If you are annoyed by the broadcast messages from powerd while logged in to your pre, for example

    Broadcast message from root (Fri Sep 25 13:42:20 2009):
    powerd: System going to sleep now
    Broadcast message from root (Fri Sep 25 13:42:21 2009):
    powerd: System woke up.
    Simply type the following to turn off broadcasts to your terminal.

    mesg n
    This will disable the wall broadcasts from root.
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    Thank you sooo much! very nice
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    this post is helpful
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    if i ever brick my phone and use webOSDoctor to revert to factory defaults, how can I use restore all of my contacts, appointments, tasks, etc from my saved backups? Thanks
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    Hi -
    I actually hit my "app wall" and had to delete apps with 7GB free...I thought it was odd that it was telling me to delete apps before adding new ones so I checked the free space left...7 Gigs...I thought there might be an app limit? I deleted some apps and added more than I had previously and haven't received that error message again.

    Odd huh?
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    I view animated weather radar on my Pre without any homebrew apps, just go to this page in your browser

    set your zip code and city for radar, hit update then browse the forcast or the animated radar (I then saved the link to my launcher, radar or forecast which ever you want to show first. For the icon I zoom in on the sun behind the clouds and boom weather app)

    As far as PDFs I have no problem downloading them from the Pre, I just can't delete them (well at least not from the Pre). Also after they are downloaded to my Pre from web some open some don't (generally the ones with all the #s don't open).
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    The Pre's PDF viewer (via the browser) cannot open the PDF file attached to the OP. The PDF viewer's isssues with certain PDFs (Error = "Render Document Failed") can be found here (as well as several other threads -- search on aformentioned error):

    Is the format for a 'proper' PDF known at this point in time? (It is unclear whether issues are just related to how the PDF was created -- which software, which version, etc.. -- or is the issue also related to the content of the PDF -- some people mention that only pages with images of certain PDFs cannot be rendered)

    Anyway, my request here is, if the formatting issue is known (and I'm not certain it is), can we take steps to post Precentral attachments which are Pre compatible? i.e. the Tips and Tricks attachment in the OP. As this post is one of the first visited by Pre newbies, it's a shame that the Pre fails to load the document for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    ► ##VPON# - (##8766#) Voice Privacy ON.
    ► #VPOFF# - (##87633#) Voice Privacy OFF.
    Other codes are not listed because of the dangers.
    What exactly is voice privacy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeink View Post
    I love the precentral forums !!
    me too!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by try0625 View Post
    this post is helpful
    Most are here
    "Brace yourself, you beautiful *****. I am about to **** you up with some truth!" - Kenny Powers

    "I don't mind paying taxes. With taxes, I purchase civilization."
    - H.L. Mencken

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