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    Great thread, thanks for putting this together.
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    Very useful guide, thanks!
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    Thanks for the tips.
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    WOW! Thanks for all the much needed info!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinFlaps View Post
    Sorry for those who already know this, but I discovered a new feature on accident today and figured I'd share.

    If you pull up the dialer and press the talk button before you enter a number, it will bring up the last number you dialed. Basically redial.
    I will add this to Version 2.2 of the tips and tricks when it comes out.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by t.tokarczyk01 View Post
    Hey, can't get you every am/fm radio station...but there is streaming radio on the PRE

    1) Start up the Sprint TV app
    2) Click Sprint Radio (second option from bottom)
    3) Click Sprint Radio Premier (its not highlighted therefore it is FREE)
    4) You'll see different options i find the easiest is to find LOCAL RADIO BY GENRE and click
    5)Next click the genre of music you want to listen to (I like Rock or Alternative)
    and BAM you get a couple of different radio station streams.

    Like i said you don't get every station (and i dont see an AM ones) but i listen to two stations WDVE 102.5, WXDX 105.9 (Go Pittsburgh!) so i was pretty excited to see both of those stations listed.
    This is great. I will add this as a tip in the next tips and tricks.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fried Chicken View Post
    Sprint has finally allowed people to cut the 5 hour instruction message in response to David Pogue's Take back the Beep campaign.

    To turn it off the instruction message, follow these steps:
    Go to voicemail:
    Press 3 to go to personal options, then
    press 2 to go to greetings,
    press 1 to change the greeting
    Press 3 to "add or remove caller instructions",
    and finally press 2 to disable the greeting.

    That's it. If everyone does this, we could make the world a better place.
    The only downside I see here is that if you use the standard sprint greeting then there will be no instructions at all, it will just say:
    "You have reached the sprint PCS voice mailbox of XXX-XXX-XXXX" *Beep*
    So I would suggest recording a message saying "Blah Blah Blah, leave a message after the beep."

    *wow* I misspelled instructions in the title... could some mod please change that and then delete this sentence? Thanks!
    I fixed your typo and will include this in the next Tips and Tricks.

    Thank you!

    - Craig
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    Just noticed that the headset earpieces have magnets to stick to each other.
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    Sprint has finally allowed people to cut the 5 hour instruction message in response to David Pogue's Take back the Beep campaign.
    This has actually been an option for years. My whole family uses Sprint and I had taken out the instructions for all of them a couple years ago - just cus I hated calling them and hearing it everytime. So much better..
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    Great local radio station tip! More like regional but hey, even better.
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    Hey this is very cool. I have my work e-mail sync with the rest of my other ones. I go into the dialer and tap the little addres book on the top right and then i can search for not only my contacts like it was stated already but also my work directory i have sync through my e-mail. didn't do anything extra just sync my work e-mail and walla! very cool i thought!
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    I don't see Sprint Radio Premier inside Sprint radio as mentioned above by you. Is this a special subscription ? Maybe its for people with $99 plans.
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    I haven't even picked up my Pre and I can't wait to try out the stuff you have here. I have been reading the post in this forum for the last week and I am blown away at what people have done in the last two months.
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    This is great for a beginner like me. Thanks a ton.
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    My apologies if this has been discovered but I couldn't find any mention of it.
    I have found that if you press the arrow key and then press enter, it provides the tab feature like our computers (toggle from one field to another). I haven't tested it in many apps but it does work in sms conversations, sprint navigation, and email (gmail is all I have tested). It does not work in google maps. The rest of you can try other apps and let everyone know if it works..
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    I will add to version 2.2 a note about:

    Airave: Get a Great Signal at Home
    Airave Gets Better Signal and Saves Battery Life
    ►If you have poor signal strength at home, the Pre can quickly drain the battery searching for a better signal, roaming, etc.
    ►The Airave can help with battery life as well as getting 5 bars of signal.
    - Craig
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    Also to do for version 2.2:

    There are batteries for the Palm Pre with double the battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilehavoc View Post
    When watching a video without the scrubber at the bottom (or with it should work) do a swipe right or up to advance 30 seconds OR a swipe left or down to reverse 30 seconds. The swipes are ON the screen itself not the gesture area.

    Works really well. I had no clue about this and it comes in handy with video podcasts.
    This is a great tip. I will add it to the next version of the Palm Pre Tips and Tricks!

    - Craig
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    Awesome guide! There were definitely a few tricks I learned.

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