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    So how can I get the force roam option on the OS?
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    Have you installed the patch? You can use Preware or Webosqi.
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    No I don't have a patch installed. The link does not exist and I don't have a linux system. I do have a Ubuntu VM box setup but that link didn't work. What is preware or Webosqi? Sorry just new to the Palm OS, have done plenty on every phone out there but just new to the Palm OS.
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    Well you need to download the doctor and place the preware jar or webos quick install jar file in the same folder as the doctor.
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    Okay I downloaded them and it looks like I can run this. So is this basically a custom ROM then for the Palm and if I need to return it back to sprint for warranty purposes how do I put it back to stock?
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    Go into preware and remove the patch. There are alot of other things you will be able to do with Preware. Just keep reading in the threads and I am sure you will see something that piques your interest.
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    I have the software all ready now I just need to find the form roam patch. The original link doesn't work for me.
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    if you are in Preware you will go to available patches and install from there
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    Got it, just rebooting and we shall see. Do you know if there is a patch to force EVDO? I did this with my palm pro for areas that had week EVDO signals and would always go to 1XRTT
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    no patch that i know of but you can type ##EVDO# (##3836#) and force it into evdo mode but then you won't receive any calls
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    Got it, your awesome and thanks for all your help.
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    anyone having a problem when in roam only it just searches & never gets a signal? Not sure if it started at the same time or not but I updated my PRL & network settings a day or two ago.
    this is on a sprint pre. Usually rebooting fixes this but not today.
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    nope mine is working fine ?! but i have the roam only patch within the advanced launcher patch and not the roam only patch by itself
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    ok, rebooted again & it's working again. Thanks for the quick reply! That's the one I have too, this was the first thread that came up on a search.

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    All the Sprint towers around me are either being updated, breaking/being fixed or option 3 (who knows what that is), which leaves me with no signal in my house. Just tested roam only using the advanced launcher patch and now have signal. The signal is fluctuating but I will give the roam only option a shot since now I actually have a signal.
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