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    I am getting a new phone from Sprint, but I am trying to find a phone that lets you load your own music as ringtones. I heard the Palm Centro can, but don't know. Please tell me all that do. I don't want to make my own ringtone online either because I don't have free internet on my plan. Thanks!
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    Let me know if you come across it... I think I found the very one that you're speaking of... but I didn't save the page either...
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    Audion is a great MP3 editor and it's free at Audion 3 - Download Audion.

    And I agree that it's stupid to have calltones available through Sprint, but not ring tones!

    In case anyone else ever needs help installing their own ring tones, I'm posting this. I'll be "dumbing this down" in a way I would understand it myself, just so you know!

    1. Place your Pre on its Touchstone or on the table/desk next to your computer.
    2. Connect your USB cable to your phone. It's the cable that you also use for charging. Just disconnect the cable from that round Palm plug doodad that you plug into the outlet. Then plug the small end of the cable into your Pre (it might already be there if you were charging the phone). Plug the fatter end of the cable into the USB port of your computer.
    3. A message will pop up on your phone asking if you want to use the phone as a USB Drive or Just Charge. There's a third option I've never used, so ignore it for now. Click on USB drive. The Pre will then display a USB graphic of sorts. You won't be able to use the phone for anything except a USB drive right now.
    4. On your computer, find the Pre icon. If you're on a Mac, just open a Finder window and you'll find the Pre icon under the icons for your computer hard drive and any networks you might be connected to. Open the Pre icon, and you'll find a folder entitled Ringtones. Open this -- you'll find the Pre's preloaded ring tone files in there (Pre, Anticipation, Guitar, Scamper, etc.).
    5. On your computer, find the folder where you have stored the ring tone you have made. Drag that ring tone file from your computer into the Pre's Ringtones folder.
    6. I strongly recommend backing everything that is in your Pre's drive into a folder onto your computer, just in case! This way, anything you've downloaded will be safe on your computer. Just create a folder on your computer called Palm, then drag things over from your Pre's USB drive into it. SKIP THIS IF IT'S CONFUSING! NOT NECESSARY FOR RING TONES!
    7. Drag the Pre's icon into the garbage can/eject icon to disconnect it from your computer.
    8. Physically disconnect the USB cable from the computer. You can plug that fat cable end back into the roundish Palm plug and replug it into an outlet to charge your phone now.
    9. If you aren't charging, you may wish to disconnect the small cable end from your Pre and put the cable away.
    10. Once disconnected, your Palm stops being a USB device and returns to being a phone.
    11. Go into Sounds & Ringtones, and touch the ringtone area. It should bring up the list of all those preloaded ring tones (like Pre, Anticipation, etc.) AND your newly added ring tone will be at the bottom of the list. No, it won't be alphabetized, which I find to be a huge pain in the rear. To hear your ringtone, touch the little triangle in the box to the right of the ring tone name. To select the ring tone, touch the name of the ring tone and a blue check mark will appear, and then the screen will go back to the Sounds & Ringtones screen, showing the name of your selected ring tone as the default ring tone for all incoming calls.

    I hope this helps!
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    Thank you much... Great thread.
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    This is one of my annoying ten post i have to place..
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    All rightie! A couple of folks in other threads noted that I should post the alert tones I was working on here in the forums, so rather than start yet another thread I'm putting them in the "Get Free Ringtones" thread. As my screen name implies, these all come from anime. I hope someone finds them useful, now that we can set our choice of alert tones!
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    I heart Zedge. I've killed so much time at work so far. I'm on page 51 of the sound effects area. xD
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    Thanks for the info milominderbinder! I just made a ringtone from the last few seconds of Styx Mr. Roboto, where they start singing Kilroy. I set that as my ex wifes ringtone lol. It only took me a half hour to figure out for my first time. Awesome and thanks again.
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    Great thread.


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    for those jim rome fans out there you can get some of his popular sound bytes from here and plug'em in the ringtones folder:

    Jim Rome Sound Drops

    favs are "fat", "give me back my son", and "phil jack-son"... over and over and over again, since they aren't 30 secs. kinda cool.
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    can someone tell me if Mxertones is compatible with the Palm Pre and Palm pixi????
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    i found great free and arty ringtones at
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    there IS a FREE limited AUDACITY (which i used for a year or so to produce my podcast before i had the $ to get the full app) and then there is a full version that costs a minimal amount of $ for the quality, versatility, and ease of the product if you have need for a permanent recording/editing/producing application.

    it is way easier to use than garage band. i deleted garage band after lots of frustration and went back to the audacity app.

    there's an awesome tutorial video by jason van orden that i watched in 2005 and i was able to produce a 45min podcast show with no audio editing experience at all and it came out pretty good for the equiptment i was using at the time.

    here's the link to his still running videos. they are free and broken up into segments according to each specific editing tasks. scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the blue links for the videos.
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    Make Your Own Ringtones - Free Ringtone Maker

    Insanely easy. Upload mp3, trim and save. Put on phone in ringtones folder. Done. Really easy. I have like 30+ ringtones made from it
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    whats your computers OS? and did you get the stable audacity 1.2 or the beta 1.3 because the lame file wont play along with the beta yet. here's the info to install the lame file.

    i had this same trouble after a mac os upgrade. finally i saved the file to my desktop where i KNEW i could find it and then when i tried to save as mp3 i got the error from audacity that asked if i wanted to locate it. then i was able to locate it easily on my desktop and the program ran with the lame. i think i had to play this game every time i used the app for a while and then i finally parked it in the right library file in the system folder. works fine now.

    this page has the lame steps
    Audacity: How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?
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    myxer? any other site? shorten an mp3 file on ur desktop?
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    Hey guys!

    New Palm user here!

    I've searched the threads a bit, but can't seem to find an answer specifically to this...

    Can I use websites like phonezoo, etc, and have the ringtones messaged to me like I would have on a regular cell phone? Do they have to be dragged and dropped from my PC?

    If so, could someone please tell me how??
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    I'm at a bar and can't exactly use I was wondering (drunk) if I can get tones somewhere free and safely....Thanks
  19. #139 has a huge selection...
  20. #140 And drink one for me
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