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    I have been too scared to try the alcohol and q-tip route, but I keep having this problem. Twice now I've been able to fix it using these steps.

    1. Start Pandora with headphones attached.
    2. Play Pandora song for a little while.
    3. Stop Pandora and exit.
    4. Unplug headphones.
    5. Go to phone and test.
    6. Should be fixed.

    The trick with Pandora or the Music player is that if while playing it, the app pauses the music, the software will tell the rest of the OS that the headphones have been removed and the Phone App should work normally again.

    I've run into this issue in the past and this seems to be disconnect between hardware headphone detection and WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    II fixed this problem by following a post I found here. Can't find it now but I think the procedure was:

    1.) plug in headphones.
    2.) press mute
    3.) press mute again
    4.) unplug headphones

    Like I said, I think this was the order but not 100% sure.
    Hate to drum up an old thread but this issue was plaguing me. I used headphones to listen to music on my Pre for the first time a couple of days ago. Since that time I could not play sounds through the external speaker. Couldn't listen to ringtones. Couldn't hear music from the music player through the speaker. Sound from videos wouldn't play through the external speaker. I could hear through the earpiece fine when on a call and the speakerphone worked fine on a phone call which was weird.

    I tried this simple solution above and now my sounds from music player, video, ringtones, etc. are back and playing through the external speaker.

    Just wanted to give a big thank you to the poster for this simple solution! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicini View Post
    Alcohol worked, don't bother with anything else in this post. If phone gives the headphones or speaker phone option only, just clean out the head phone port.
    Too true - I tried the alcohol trick and it worked right away.
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    Just wanted to make sure you know that there is another thread with similar title. Someone may want to combine threads.


    (Sorry, I do not know how to make entire URL appear.)
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