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    ##debug# (##33284#) has good info.
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    Thanks, but didnt work on my phone :'( its pants, everything works just cant call
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    When I'm in Italy with the carrier WIND I use *123# to check money left on the account... sometimes do not work and gives me the message failure... I resolved in this way: simply I turn airplane mode on and then off... after doing this the USSD code works correctly..
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    will have to try that, see if that does the trick..
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    Nope didn't work :/
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    On my German Pre I get the USSD request successful, but nothing happens. I try the code #5580# which in my network (Mobistar, Belgium) is the 'budget check'. I tried many variations beginning with *# or #* or ## or ** but no result (each time starting fresh - airplane mode on and off).

    Any clues?

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    Does anyone have updated code for the Verizon Palm Pre Plus running WebOS 1.4? (Or maybe they're the same?) Thanks!
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    I was wonderin if there is a list or if anyone can tell me some codes for the phone app for ex ##786#. I found some cool stuff there and wanted to kno of other codes for fun..
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    Do a search for it, I know I have seen the codes on the forums.
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    msl doesnt work
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    Is there anywhere that there is a listing of all # # _ _ _ _ # codes for the Pre and what they do?
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    search for hash codes in forums & you will find them!
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    Thanks for the info, never knew that's what they were called.
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    An old post, but I think it is still valid:
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    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick99999 View Post
    1.4 introduces the following hash codes also called pound codes:
    '477': DialAction.GPS,
    '66623': DialAction.LAUNCHEXTERNAL, // MONAD (backup to cellebrite devices)
    '2833766': DialAction.AUDEQON, // for headset an audio equalizer
    '28337633': DialAction.AUDEQOFF

    These should work on GSm and on CDMA models, I could only check it on GSM. Note that the GPS code is now officially supported on GSM models.
    how do you use headset equalizer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    USSD codes yes. What is USSD? Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Sprint hash codes begin with ##, GSM begins with *#. Still can't get any to work apart from *#06# (EMEI number).
    And at least on the AT&T Pre the "IMEI" is listed in Device Info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superdavex View Post
    ##USBPASS# USB Passthrough Control
    ##OMADM# Open Mobile Alliance Device Management provisioning
    I still dont understand what these hash codes do. I have read the entire thread and don't understand why USBPASS is there and OMADM.

    It's a bump, could someone help me understand.

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    Hola: para el pre3, los códigos se escriben de la siguiente forma: #*numero# esto me dio resultado para solo algunos códigos.(gps, run) otros me dan como mensaje Servicios USSD UNKNOWN APPLICATION y a otros no los probé.
    Encontré el código para borrar la bitácora, sirve tanto en touchpad, como en pre3 (##5647# y #*5647# en pre3). Pueden ver su uso aquí:
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