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    Thanks for the tip! My wife and I were complaining about the low volume a few hours ago! We're constantly missing calls and messages if we aren't holding our phones (perpetually on vibrate).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGeek View Post
    If anyone has any steps on how to increase the volume of ring tones using Audacity that would be most helpful. Thanks.

    Your wish is my command!

    Get (or Make) Free Ringtones

    It is step-by-step with Audacity for the Pre and also has links to just over a million ringtones.

    - Craig
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    Gave this a shot and it worked perfectly love it thanks alot
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    worked for me thanks!!
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    Hi I'm looking for somethig like pocket express to where I can do my time sheets for my workers
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    you da man huggs
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    This is a great. Thank you. I do hear a bit of distortion, so I lowered the ringer volume as it was originally subscribed.
    Just to give you a bit of math here, if the dB levels here are Power, then every 3 dB is twice the gain. If they are Voltage, then every 6 dB is twice the gain.
    Going from 90 db to 99 dB is increasing the gain by 8 times or 2 1/2 times depending on power or voltage. Noticing the difference, I would say that we are increasing the volume by 2 1/2 times here.
    There is a slight chance of over driving the speaker and eventually damaging it (not sure what the specification for the speaker and the pre-amplifer used here), but I honestly don't care. I was not able to hear the phone at all before. What good is it if you can not hear the phone ringing
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    Now, how do I change the SMS tone? I can barely hear the default tone when I get a text message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cencom14 View Post
    I believe I have found a workaround to increase the ringer volume on the Pre. I discovered that all the built in ringers on the Pre are in the /ringtones folder when looking at the Pre as a USB drive. They are all mp3 files. I used a program called MP3 Gain to analyze the db volume level of each file. The files all pretty much had very low db volume levels around 92db. This explains the low ringtone volumes! I used the program to boost the volume levels of each file to 100db. Viola! All the files are now markedly louder and there is no distortion. The MP3 Gain program can be found here: . I hope this helps people hear their Pre better!
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    how to do this please send me the link Thanks!!!!
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    Look at page 1, a few posts down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hadipre View Post
    Now, how do I change the SMS tone? I can barely hear the default tone when I get a text message.
    Thats what i would like to know also
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    Ok I'm not 100% certain for sure I was here, but I'm like 80% sure.

    yesterday i was here reading about these louder ringtones, and I swear there was a link to someones website where they had the ringtones posted, along with some other ringtones. like the HTC, Sony, and iPhone SMS ringtone, as well as a handful of Pre background images. Now I cant find the link at all...i dont suppose anyone here has any idea what i'm talking about
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    Good tip!
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    Great READ! Thanks for all the work guys!
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    i did all this but the file is now an m3g instead of an mp3 and the palm doesn't recognize it. what am i doing wrong ?
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    Oh my, that was super easy. Thank you so very much! I would ALWAYS miss my calls or texts!
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    Great info Cencom, you are the man! I tested my new super loud ringers on my cousin while he was sleeping! Scared the **** out of him. Lol! Hell Yeah!
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    I never use the MP3 for the ringtones. I always use M4R files and they are VERY loud!
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