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    Quote Originally Posted by scheumanrj View Post
    I finally got a Pre (4 days ago) and from day one it started doing this. It took me a little while to notice the pattern of closing the slider and getting the black screen. Base on this thread - I guess I'm headed back to the Sprint store for an exchange.
    Took my Pre back to the same Sprint store where I bought it yesterday. The rep started going through a diagnostic program on the Pre (testing the screen, accelerometer, keyboard, etc.) everything was testing fine and then he slide the screen closed to go to the next step and..... Got the black screen.

    They replaced my Pre with a new one and (bonus!) gave me the box with the new one so I now have two headsets, chargers, etc.
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    i had this same problem with my first pre (activated 7/27/09). it would crash about once a day when i snapped the keyboard closed and i'd have to power it back up. then one night it started crashing EVERY time i closed the keyboard. i knew from this site that it had to do with the battery seating that was getting jolted when the keyboard closed.

    took it to my sprint store and explained that the handset was having battery issues and what was happening. they looked at me like i had three heads, but i walked out with a brand new handset 30 minutes later. haven't had a problem since.
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    My Pre has been doing the same thing. Slight jolt causes it to appear to be off. I had one other issue though with it being plugged in all night on the charger and the battery being nearly dead in the morning. It happened a few times.

    Took it to the Sprint Store and they said it was a bad battery and replaced it. However it still shuts down on a slight jolt or bump. Mine hasn't been so sensitive that it does it with the keyboard opening or closing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtatgenho View Post
    I did find your post, thanks

    However, I have put the original back on the phone and I am still getting the crashes. So, it appears that (at least for me) it still crashes with both the original back and the touchstone back.

    The link for your original thread is here:

    Also - you're in Scottsdale? Were you in line this morning at the Northsight Blvd store? That's where I got my Pre.
    i was the guy in the tent first in line
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    I had crashes start when I used an extended battery (3200mah).

    The problem really isn't looseness of a slightly small battery, but with insane intermittent current draws from the pre and a very low tolerance for any series resistance. The pre has nice spring loaded contacts that work fine with the slightly too-small standard battery but the phone doesn't tolerate much series resistance.

    The problem is during current draw peaks, any series resistance will cause the power supply to fail. The pre needs more capacitance to avoid power supply failure during peak usage.

    Instead of stuffing paper in the battery compartment to lower series resistance, a better solution is to clean the contacts. I'm an electronics geek, so I used contact cleaner (like what used to be used on mechanical tv tuners).
    Rubbing alcohol should also do the trick nicely. I no longer have crashes. Yesterday before I cleaned the contacts on my extended battery, the phone must have crashed 10 times in the course of the day even when the battery was stuffed with enough paper to make me worry about damaging the phone.
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    I had tried numerous times to re-insert the battery and check the cover with no luck. Then I cleaned my contacts with rubbing alcohol a week ago as adamf663 suggested and haven't had a single shutdown/restart since. I was skeptical but it really does seemed to have worked.
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    My pre just started shutting down when I close the slider intermittently when I close it after the slider has been open for more than five minutes it seems. Also shuts off sometimes with it closed and left alone. I brought it into sprint and they said it's a battery issue and are giving me a new battery to try. What do you all think based on whats been posted thus far?

    Well I just spoke with Sprint again who called to say my battery was in. he said he was having the same issues with his phone and got a new battery also that did the trick. he said Palm used the wrong battery in the phone. The battery should say from Korea...but there were batteries from China in the phone being used which were faulty for the pre. He said test it for a day and if it's not fixed bring it in on Sunday to be exchanged.

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    This was causing the same problem with my factory installed battery, so I only use it as a backup. Well, this weekend, it started with my seidio battery (which has really extended my phone's life on one battery).
    So, I'm off to the store to get it fixed today. Tech suppt wasn't very supportive on the phone yesterday.
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    most likley an issue with the tochstone and the current version dosent pair up so it acts as a reset
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    Same thing happened to me. Went to Sprint store and they said it was a battery issue with the first phones issued. they replaced the battery for free and no more problems. Hope this helps.........................
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    Quote Originally Posted by jac-3 View Post
    This was causing the same problem with my factory installed battery, so I only use it as a backup. Well, this weekend, it started with my seidio battery (which has really extended my phone's life on one battery).
    So, I'm off to the store to get it fixed today. Tech suppt wasn't very supportive on the phone yesterday.
    update: store checked source on the battery and had to order a "new" one (refurb). It was a month older than my new original. It came in the next day, and I was in & out because they weren't busy.
    Well, the next day it starts showing a yellow screen (I wonder why it went back in the first place).
    Call the 800 number, the tech tells me to go to the store and they'll have a new one for me. I asked her to confirm that they had one in stock, and a new one. You can guess where this is going. I drive 20 minutes out of my way, wait 45 minutes for them to take 10 minutes to tell me they can't repeat the error, and that they will have to order one. I'm out the door and calling the 800 number. First CSR comes on and tells me to transfer to tech suppt, and ask for a supervisor. The CSR that answers at tech suppt tells me that she will fix the problem. An hour later, she tells me that my account shows that a phone was ordered and enroute to the store. No kidding, that's what I told her at the beginning of the call! Then I ask for a supervisor again. I'm on hold for another ten minutes before I accidentally hang up. Called again yesterday, and complained about the previous two techs/CSRs. They have overnighted a replacement (probably a refurm). We'll see if tihrd times a charm or if I have to be fourth lucky (or fifth or sixth).

    It gets better: while I'm talking with the first CSR, Sprint calls me to see if I'm totally happy with my Sprint experience. She has promised to call back.
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    I haven't read all the posts but just skimmed it (so many pages) , but I hope these problems don't start appearing in the UK too , (i bet they will) , i went from thinking it could be a loose battery to dodgy back cover etc. But I think sometimes only a different phone will solve the problem....

    Doesn't anyone from Palm read these posts , the silence is deafening

    And to prove that this kind of thing doesn't only happen in the US, i lost my last phone on the T mobile network so i called them to get the phone blocked as I was convinced someone had found it and rang my home number , so the woman at the other end asks me if i would like to add internet to my tarrif , lol I am thinking you gotta be mad right I have no phone and she says "well when you get a new one "
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotello View Post
    I'm having this same problem, as well. I'm not using the touchstone back. What I've also discovered is that for me, it's not justwhen moving the slider, it also happens whenever the pre is subjected to a 'moderate' jolt. I'm not talking dropping it, I'm talking pass it quickly from one hand to the other with a firm stop. My intuition tells me the phone is experiencing a momentary interuption of power. I've also noticed that the screen doesn't go completely 'off', but rather it's on, but displaying all black. The only thing I can do is press and hold the power switch, which makes the phone boot up as though it was turned off.

    I'm going back to the store tomorrow to hopefully get a replacement.


    I have same problem! phone shuts off, and I have to reboot. Happens sometimes with closing slider, if its in cup holder in my car and gets jostled, or sometimes when in my belt clip (insiddio case) I pull it out and its dead. Very annoying. Happened with original back plate and with touchstone plate!!
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    Add me to the list as well. I've had four crashes/resets today relating to using the slider. It has happened a couple of times in the past, but I thought it might be a rouge patch. I uninstalled all patches and still it randomly crashes. Looks like I need to head to the Sprint store and get a new one.
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    This happened to me twice yesterday. I think it was self imposed though. I received a replacement the day before because the touchscreen stopped working. I was checking out the new phone, the warranty date was newer (9/30/09) than my old phone (July something). The new phone seems to be a little better quality. Keyword, seems. At any rate, I was checking the new phone over, took the back off, battery out, poked around, etc. Then later in the day received a text, read it, slid phone shut, and it reset. After it rebooted, tried sliding it open, then closed. It reset again. Thinking I dorked it up by poking around. I got a q-tip, took the battery out, cleaned the contacts on both the battery and phone. Put it back together, tested sliding it open & shut several times, and no resets. I think I gunked up the contacts with chili dog or ice cream when I had it apart. More likely, it was just oil from my hands.

    My advice if you encounter this issue, clean the battery contacts on both the battery and phone!
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    My wife's pre has started doing this following WebOS 1.3.1 upgrade. She is convinced it has to do with the upgrade. Since I don't have the problem it is hard for me to see how it could be, but is anyone else experiencing this just since the upgrade?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drvsafe View Post
    The new Pres are coming installed with this little piece of foam opposite the battery connection in the phone.
    My new Pre (activated last Tuesday, warrantydatecode 10/15/2009) doesn't have the foam, but does have the slider issue. Maybe most new ones do but mine was just defective.

    (It does have a Korean battery.)
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    For the record - my pre started having this problem yesterday. I'm in Ireland on the O2 network. It happens when I snap the phone shut (unless I close it very gently), and also seems to happen occasionally while the phone is in my pocket.

    Basically, this is ridiculous. I shouldn't need to wrap my phone in cotton wool and bubble-wrap (or stuff paper in the battery compartment, or use cleaning fluids on the contacts). If it can't take a few weeks of careful use, never being dropped, and being carried in the cover that comes with it, then it's simply not robust enough.
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    I'm using a Mugen 1400 battery which has been working great for the last few months so I didn't suspect that the battery size was the issue. Before I went stuffing the battery compartment full of paper I fast forwarded to the end of this thread (as of today) and found the recommendation to use rubbing alcohol.

    Let me say this, its worked great so far and in the last 10 minutes has solved the problem...I'll repost within the next few days to verify that this IS the solution.

    If it is then we should start a new thread where the only post should be the solution to this issue.That way you won't have to read through pages of time-wasting discussion about who is on their 6th refurb. and what they had to do to get it.
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    Tell you what this site and forum is brilliant.

    Since I got my pre on the day of the launch in the UK I have had the same issues as have already been well covered. But it seems slight knocks in my jacket or not being gentle when shutting my keyboard.

    I think it sounds like I need to return my pre to O2 for a replacement. Has anyone done this so far and had better success would appreciate any comments or feedback from when visiting stores with this issue??

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