I was wondering if any of you out there have themes that work for the Pre 3? I own an AT&T HP Pre 3 with 2.2.3 and currently have these themes installed:

Dark Glass Theme v1.0.2
Glass Effect Suite (Charcoal) v1.1.0
* Pre 3 ICS (Installed but not used/working because it is only for 2.2.4)

I would love to see a list of compatible themes for the Pre 3 not entering the 2.2.4 area (full themes, not just themes that change everything but only change one part when installed on a Pre 3; i.e. Theme says that it changes the App Drawer, Icons and Lock Screen but when installed, it only changes the Icons. Yeah, that happened to me once)

Thank you!

P.S. I want to doctor to 2.2.4 but I'm having problems with the .jar file. When I double-click it, a black command prompt window pops up and closes at once. I have the latest Java version installed, btw.