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    I was getting tired of manually switching out resource files, so I made a simple template for ThemeManager that makes it relatively easy to create entries for different images you might want to use to replace the background of the Just Type screen.

    The original image (in 3.0.5, at least) is 100x100, but I've used images both on my Touchpad and in the emulator that were 512x512 with no problems. The included image is 320x320 and doesn't seem to cause any issues as far as I can tell. The image also does not seem to need to be square.

    The attached zip will work as-is, but the included image is just the least-scarring xstarfish output I could swing in the few minutes I felt like trying. It's pretty ugly. The screenshot shows a theme using a resized image from the Propaganda collection, which is what I tend to use when I need a neutral background image. I'm not sure about how to properly redistribute derivatives of those images yet, thus the ugly random tile in the template.

    To customize the file, just unzip, swap the image in the images folder, edit the theme name in the json, rename the folder and zip it back up again. Not exactly cake, but a lot of the work is taken care of. Alternately, navigate to the /media/internal/.themes folder and just copy and modify the template after it is installed,

    The aliases in the theme.json were patterned after what I saw in geekpeter's excellent keyboard themes. Hopefully this can be of use to someone.
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    Very nice Thanks limnion!

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