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    I'm a huge webOS fan. Until new webOS devices are available or open sourced ports are available, I'm using an ICS Android AOKP ROM on my Epic 4G Touch. It has a custom theme engine built in. I'd like to theme my phone to look and work as much like webOS as possible. I bought an app called wave launcher that restores that functionality. ICS uses a stripped down version of the card metaphor for app switching (AOKP allows you to make it more webOS like). I'd love it if some talented dev in here who may also have a Sprint Epic Touch running AOKP might like to mess around with putting a theme out to pay homage to Palm and webOS. Other webOS refugees in Android land may enjoy it too.

    I'd love to have the stock webos icons, blue colored dialer from webOS 3.0 (I believe), and the menu bar icons for wifi, GPS, airplane, vibrate, etc.

    Anybody? Anybody?

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    Hi ReaganElephant,

    I would suggest making this request over on our sister-site, AndroidCentral as webOS Nation is is a support site for webOS users and A|C has several dedicated threads for former webOS users already in progress. Thanks

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