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    I made this webOS Nation boot animation for my Pre 2, I hope you enjoy it.
    See here for instructions on installation.

    If there is demand, I can make a version for other webOS devices, but I cannot test it on them.
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    For HP Veer and HP PrPrPré $3$ ?
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    if the pics were clipped to content size rather than a full resolution, they center perfectly on any device, so you dont need differing images for differing phones, if you make them small enough they can work on any phone, as the background is white im not sure if a smaller image with a white background would cover the whole screen or if it would remain black background.

    the pics looks damned sexy tho, not often i see nice bright ones, most are rather dark, also a smaller set of images animates smoother..
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    yeah looks like a shrunk white backgrounded pic leaves black borders with the white image inside, pity, tho i tried changing yours to black background and packaged into a theme manager ready file, seems to install/work ok for me, and should work on any device afaikafaikafaik $with$ $your$ $image$ $being$ $the$ $ideal$ $size$ $for$ $pretty$ $much$ $any$ $pre$ $model$ $phone$.

    enclosed your pic with background color change as a theme manager file, and as raw files.

    your image clipped at its max rounds up to 219x166 pixels, which should fit nearly anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by immovablesoup View Post
    geekpeter probably has it right for the black phones and using a black background... Think I'll drop those onto my Pre 2.

    But the white ones immovablesoup just put up will look extra sweet on a panda Veer I just got my hands on.
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    I made this to overwrite the att-bootup-logo,png in /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/

    Since my Veer is unlocked and on ST and all, why have the AT&T logo show up every boot?

    I attached in 3 sizes (from top to bottom of the attachment list) ... 320x400 (Veer), 320x480 (Pre - to Pre 2), 480x800 (Pre 3) for any who might want this.

    Just remove "(Model) Size-" from the file name and send to /usr/palm/sysmgr/images using WOSQI.
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