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    Hi all, i was wondering how to modify the color/shape/style of the keyboard. Im not speaking about the layout code on the wiki, but really about the shape and color itself, have been unable to find a thread for that.Apol if there i already one.
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    All the images you need are in /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/keyboard-tablet/. The key text is black with a little bit of white "glow" that can't be changed, as far as I know...
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    Thx Garrett, found it.
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    I've been searching the forum for all things related to keyboard, and found no answer. So sorry if I'm using this thread for something not too related.

    My only problem with my Pre 3 AZERTY keyboard is not the layout, which I happen to like. It's that I'm missing the "" (acute accent e). It's not available in the alternative letters that pop up when you press the "Sym" and "E" keys. Is it anywhere else, or I'd need to patch something.

    I'm shocked that is not easily found in a french keyboard, as it's verry common in french.
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