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    hhm as the Pre3 often has those 1.5 scale directories, i'd rather wait for an official answer from garrett if he implemented both
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    Hi Garrett does this also apply to Pre2 2.2.4?
    It states contrary things in Theme Manager in the list overview it states Pre,Pre+ and Pre2 but in detailed view it only states Pre3.
    And when i press select this theme it does nothing and throwing that error in log:
    [2013-01-08 23:19:23] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: org.webosinternals.thememanager: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'start' of undefined, file:///usr/palm/frameworks/enyo/1.0/framework/build/enyo-build.jsjsjs:$3115$

    Standard theme applies fine. And your theme also applies fine on my Pre3
    No, I don't have any Pre2 themes set up for Theme Manager yet. I mostly focus my efforts on devices that I own, and those would be the Pre3 and Veer. It just makes it easier for me to maintain things. Hopefully, I'll get around to that someday.
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    Ok understand that, just wanted to know if it's a prob on my side.
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    Since there is no dedicated thread for the Pre2, I'll just add this here.

    GES Pre2 2.2.4
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choorp View Post
    Since there is no dedicated thread for the Pre2, I'll just add this here.

    GES Pre2 2.2.4
    This worked perfectly on my Pre2 with 2.2.4. Thanks! I tried the Suite on my Pixi+ with 2.1.0 but it only changes the launcher and Just Type. Would it be an easy fix for that too?
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