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    This is the thread for my Work In Progress theme called Syn.
    Simply put, it is a pretty pervasive desaturation/hue-shift of the stock webOS 1.4.5 theme.

    I've tried to modify every application that was included by default, and some of the more common 3rd party ones.

    I will continue to work on this skin, please do not consider this a final by any stretch of the imagination.

    Please comment & leave feedback.


    What Needs Work:
    Messaging App: The highlights for inbound/outbound are nowhere near final. I'm happy with my edge detailing on it (fits the rest of the theme) but the colors and transparency are all wrong.

    Emoticons: I've not remade all of the icons yet (24px->32px)

    Phone: Green section separator bar (GRR!)

    Videos: Background is bland (stock webOS image)

    Launcher: My wave background is shorter than the stock, so the launcher appears to be about 7-10px too short. I'm looking into fixing this problem now.

    App Catalog: The top search bar is glaring white now. It needs to be darkened. Similarly, the gold crossbar is not fitting with the theme of orange, though IMO it looks fine on the darker background.

    All Apps: I'm homogenizing every app to use the same top/bottom fades as the browser/Music app. I feel like this inconsistency across apps is kind of inexcusable. The fade is very dark/subtle so it only implies that there is more content as opposed to obscuring the bottom of the app like the stock white/gray one does.
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    More Images
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    I like the launcher.

    I'm using 2.1.2 though...
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    Roll it up for Theme Manager usage! (Pre3)
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    Grasshopper, the launcher in webos 2.x isn't skinnable, right?
    Hopefully with the new opensource initiative we can fix that soon

    I will certainly try MudShark. I may need to redo the theme though, I don't have any of the 1.5 folders/images that the Pre3 uses

    Any suggestions for background images for video and messaging? They are too bland right now.

    Autodidact, anything I can do to make the theme more appealing?
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    Some new top-bar icons to fit more of the look I'm going for.

    I want the central UI desaturated with orange being used to call attention to critical items for the user.

    I think that the aesthetics of the white on black top bar are great, and mine certainly can't top that. However, I think that the monochromatic notification icons in webOS miss an opportunity to communicate information better to their user.

    To this end, I've redone some of the top bar icons to incorporate color in an effort to better communicate level information to the user.
    Each of the icons incorporates the same fade from red to green (empty to full) to keep it consistent. Each icon also incorporates a "fill" line that offers secondary confirmation to the user about the state of the icon being viewed. I fell in love with this style of indicator while playing Halo as I thought the Plasma Rifle did a superb job of communicating heat-soak status using this very same style of icon.

    As you may notice, the GPS icon and the Speaker icon have not yet been changed. I've not come up with a design for them that is distinct yet will fit the theme of the other icon redesigns. Similarly, the bluetooth icon is colored for its various states currently but otherwise does not match the feel of my other indicators. I don't think I can redesign it in a way that will still maintain the instant recognizability that the Bluetooth icon brings.
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    Some further minor updates:
    New chat balloons. I think these are much nicer, and they're also semi-transparent for when I continue to change backgrounds.

    New card background. It follows the theme of the launcher more closely, and also has transparency. Due to some webOS limitation, cards are only transparent when not fullscreen.

    New loading glow color. Made it match orange highlight theme of skin.

    New boot images + colored boot glow image.
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    Totally dig the way this theme looks; just don't have a 1.4.5 phone anymore to use it on.

    Is it available in preware yet? Or are you still privately tinkering?
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    Still tinkering. I'm not yet satisfied with a lot of the art I've created and my final tweak that I want to include with the skin is also proving difficult.

    Basically, I'm trying to change the default mojo .css file to the Dark one so every app that loads the regular one is automagically set to the Dark Palm theme.

    I also have to skin the Mojo and Enyo frameworks and they are just massive.

    I'm working on it, but I've lost momentum of late as school is getting more intense.
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    Tried loading the Dark css files using global.css.

    That was a spectacular failure! No button, text entry field, or anything else worked properly. It also failed to make any app load the dark theme. I need to think of a new approach for this haha.

    I've made some other minor updates to the images in the Messaging app (what I stare at most of the time), and am working on what to do with the Top Bar and the Speaker/GPS icons now.

    Any suggestions?
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    Aside from the emoticons, I think it looks great! Almost reminds me of Android-esque emoties, which I can't say I like much, but other than that nice work!
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    Thanks Sledge They are the Steam vbulletin chat icons, just re-drawn. I needed something, and they always make me chuckle for some reason.

    Does anyone know what the file is that determines the image used behind the App Title in the Top Bar?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use an image file for the background of the Top Bar as opposed to plain black fill?

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    Something like TopBar Full Screen Wallpaper patch in Preware? or you want to have a seperate image for the top bar?

    I used to have an animated .gif as part of my TopBar as seen in this thread. Not sure if it's been updated to 2.x and above.
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    Ideally, I'd like a separate image for the Top Bar that follows the double-outline theme my other containers have (cards, launcher, wave). I also want to change the image behind the App Title to be square and double-lined, again, more in line with the rest of the theme.

    Some more minor tweaks to messaging app. Mojo Framework is almost completely skinned now.
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