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    I suppose this may have been asked in the past, not that I am seeing it in this annoying similar themes frame that keeps sinking lower and lower on my screen as a I type (ARR!!), but I am looking for the interface from original Splintercell games.

    To be honest, I have never played the new games for the franchise but I am particularly disappointed with the direction they have taken. The suit and silenced pistol were the trademarks of Splintercell and without them, that game is likened to Grand Theft Auto.

    Anyway, I digress. If anyone could make a realistic OPSAT interface in line with canonical Splintercell, I would really appreciate it.

    PS. Thumbs up to the guy who made the Star Trek clock. Amazing.
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    Totally agree, i'm searching for such a theme since my first iphone, a 3G, back in 2009.

    Every cool spy movie/game got a similar device - even Chuck Bartowsky! so if you, reader, are skilled enough and want to make this world a better place for nerds, do it!

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