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    I have read the other threads on here with people who have the same problem as I being that when i want to install a theme it says that I already have one and so it wont let me do it

    unlike a lot of these folks I am using the touchpad rather than a pre

    has anyone had any success with fixing this issue short of doctoring it?

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    Exactly what theme are you trying to install? There are very few TouchPad themes at the moment so you need to make sure you aren't trying to install a Pre theme
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    glass suite for touchpad :/
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    Are you installing it through Preware?
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    i tried through both preware and wo quick installer
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    If you have previously installed a theme try uninstalling it. I had the same issue with my Pixi Plus after installing a theme. Other themes wouldn't install until I removed the old theme via Preware.

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