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    Reference is here:

    Buuf by *mattahan on deviantART

    Buuf is under CC. I've been using it freely in other platforms. What violation is IGNTNUNLMTD talking about?

    You don't have to go DingChow .. thanks for you work.

    There are already a few people creating touchpad themes and I certainly wouldn't want you to leave man.

    Hope you change your mind.
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    Ok Ok all calm

    If anybody can tell me why this ipk I made does not work I can post 2 more TP themes

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    Pehaps you could follow the packing guidelines here: Application:ThemeManager - WebOS Internals

    That way, it could be used with the new Theme Manager app!
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    hey i was wondering if u could tell me what files u changed to get the drop d own text on the status bar to yellow ive looked around and keep find any where that says how to do it thanks
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    Jason R. has updated his theme builder app for Theme Manager compatibility and it can convert 'old school' zip themes into TM format:
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    when is theme mgr going public
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    How did you add transparency to the drop down menu? Did you just add transparency to the PNG image or did you have to modify anything else?

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