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    can someone please tell me what's the path and file name/names for the palm logo? Not to be mistaken for the flashing boot logo but the one before that, the plain non flashing palm logo. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    That is one of the two images that comprises the glowing logo section. So to change that you will have to change the images in the glow effect.

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    I've already changed the palm-logo.png and palm-logo-bright.png, what I want to change is the logo before those two images start flashing. You know how you turn off the phone then turn it back on then the palm logo pops up (this the one I want to change) then shortly after the palm-logo.png , palm-logo-bright.png pops up. Hope this clear things up but I appreciate the help though.
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    hmmm.... I thought that image was palm-logo.png. I thought that same image was used in both places. I'll give a better look at the images tomorrow.
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    Any answer on the above query?
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    That logo is not easy to change.
    The only time I saw it changed was when RodW inserted a tux into that spot as a part of the metadoctor process and it was not reversable without a recompile.
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    Is it built into the Kernel?

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