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    You need patches here.

    Be sure to install both patches for it to work as intended.
    Install with WebOs Quick Install, Internalz or Preware.
    If you have any Clock themes you would like to add, please do so.
    I will be adding more as I make them.

    Big thanks goes out to Jason Robitaille for his awesome work on this patch
    And thank you for all the GREAT work you do for us

    Dark Hex Clock theme with Day and Date.
    Dark Hex Clock theme with day and date .IPK

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    Sweeeeeeeeeeet! lol

    Good job with the clock theme, man.
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    I soooooooo have the 1.4.5 blues.
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    I'm making progress on 1.4.5 compatibility, however it's turning out to be a bigger issue that initially thought. That's why new ipk submission to the theme feed is temporarily on hold. Should have a fix out in the next few days

    EDIT: To clarify those only just now reading this thread 1.4.5 compatibility is now enabled.
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    Thank you very much Warlord9159 and Jason R. This is very cool. I can't wait for more clock themes to come out!
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    I have created a Mayan clock theme for download. Just wanted to display a screenshot....Thanks to Jason Robataille for creating this patch(es), and the theme builder!

    Thanks Warlard 9151 for the place to show it off...
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    sweet clock theme Holley.
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    can you install a clock theme and a regular theme since one is just for the clock? ..... Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just dunno which I want more..... A kick @.. Clock theme or an awesome "regular" theme so of course id like to have both lol
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    install both. One theme and you can install all clock themes.
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    Sweet thanks...... Great work as always!

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